Friday, 27 January 2012

NEW { i heart } Blog #3

Kleinmania a weird and wonderful Blog of just about everything you can think about. A design inspiration for all, and some equally brilliant use of photoshop (slightly way above any level of thinking!!) But it doesn't stop there ... Kleinmania is also a Designer, Illustrator and movie maker and by the name of Same goes.

Same goes aka Michael Kleinman produces, collaborates and designs some pretty good design. From branding, website design and print ... his talent has no limits. I love his website - clear and large imagery that is well produced and presented. His style breaches several different style but these are my favourite!

Love his work!

Images courtesy of Michael Kleinman

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Music for your Ears

RCRD LBL are a brilliant FREE site to download and listen to streamed music - various artists and genres. A delightful listen for all and to experiment with new sounds - I know there are more sites out there so do share if you know of any good ones. A nice site to navigate as well - it has clean, clear images to entice the viewer and a great 'listen now' right hand-side bar for quick access!

A must ... if you have any spare time that is!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012


ManvsMachine are a design & motion studio based in London - since opening in 2007 they have quickly become recognised as an award winning creative specialist team for animation, print film & branding. Some of their clients include; Nokia, Five, Toyota, Sky and much more!

They have just recently launched their design for the rebrand of More4 { i heart it } - after successfully winning the pitch they then went on to develop the brand identity on on-air look. They have created a unique installation that breaks out into the environment - the logo flips, folds & reveals and combined with colour - well ... it truly comes alive! Stunning visuals capture the moment of some great engineering - a collaboration with Jason Bruges Studio and it looks magical. See the video for more ...

MvsM / More4 Idents from ManvsMachine on Vimeo.

MvsM / More4 Idents – Making Of from ManvsMachine on Vimeo.

And ... some more work they have created - SYFY Kids - toy-like characters go on various adventures as the brand rolls out. Again, I love it, the animation is superb, engaging and to a top notch standard.

MvsM / Syfy Kids from ManvsMachine on Vimeo.

All images / videos courtesy of ManvsMachine

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

ADS of the week #1 & #2

The Bark Side
The latest Volkswagen 2012 ad based on the iconic Star Wars - The Dark Side.
Superb to watch - humorous and entertaining! I say no more - with over 3 million views over 2 days ... you can guess why it is so popular!

Be Wonderful & and Wise
Lurpak's Light ad - beautiful sound composition and coordination.
I love the way it has been filmed, various angles taking the viewer through the notions of home-cooking. Lurpak has a consistent integrated campaign - with an instant recognisable brand imagery and stunning stand alone images that would make any food lover melt - it depicts all that good, wholesome food should - devotion!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Books - Music - Perspective

Respublika. Motion graphics from CJ Basie on Vimeo.

A very cool Animation of posters for Respublica Bookstore - created and designed by Pavel Paratov, Stas Leontev and Vasiliy Filatov. The Russian Based designers use animation and motion graphics to illustrate the posters in gif. format, the transitions, sounds and graphics are subtle & gorgeous!

I love the typography style and illustration - a simple mechanism that transforms, moves and it makes it so easy to watch ... and keep on watching it!

Video courtesy of Pavel Paratov on behance.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

NEW i { heart } Blog #2

Hello, I'm Tiger is my second i { heart } Blog - another inspirational read! The Swedish based blogger collects interesting finds // objects // desires and posts a new one each day - like myself he uses the world wide web as an inclusive journal to inspire others.

His style is also particularly interesting - the blog is simple yet effective (a phrase I say all too often!) but it works - it's a shame there is no other link to a website but it is well worth a read! Or join his RSS feed!

Images courtesy of Hello, I'm Tiger

Monday, 9 January 2012

Sanna Annukka

Half English / half Finnish - Sanna Annukka is an Illustrator and Print-maker with a love for nature and folklore.

Her work explores prints on paper, wooden objects and stunning photography. She expands on her passion for nature, wilderness and wildlife by using Illustration, colour and materials as guidance.

I love the simplicity and beauty of her Illustrations, and it is to no surprise that she has worked for some impressive clients - including Keane (see Album Cover image below).

Images courtesy of Sanna Annukka.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Howard Daniels - Photographer

Howard Daniels is a fashion photographer - his work has earned him a well deserved reputation and it gives me great pleasure to say I will be working with him this weekend!

I am currently working on the Summer 2012 season at work, and after the completing the creative brief - this is the exciting bit! Meeting, working with and art directing the shoot allows you to see how your idea goes through different processes to create the final output. This is what I most enjoy - the freedom and ability to style a shot, create the look you want, and be responsible for it - is very rewarding!

My NEW i { heart } Blog

This Blog is a recent discovery - and a brilliant one at that!
I am eager to see what they will post next - it is a great way to engage and encourage the viewer to return to find out more. Their relationship of the bloggers is also a poetic way to bring two people together - they use this as a visual diary about absolutely everything.

Please enjoy -

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