Tuesday, 31 May 2011


YAY!EVERYDAY is a very special site - it has an ethos similar to my own as they love to share inspiration. They don't selfishly hoard images for ourselves - they share the inspiration, website and artist behind the work that you can see on their site.

And I love it - its fun to view and use, and the layout of the images allows all the work to shine working in harmony with one another. I strongly believe that this is the most positive way to celebrate design and design that inspires others...

Please enjoy their site here

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Moxy Creative House

Some very interesting work by Moxy Creative House - they combine illustration with graphical elements in most of their work - see their website here to see some more gems from their portfolio!

The poster series above of the Rock 'n' Roll story has been told in many ways but they use twenty of music's most stylish dressers - each musician is represented by one of their most distinctive outfits. My favourites are those that don't really challenge the artist - I prefer them to be literal!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Cadburys 'Dancing Clothes'

The latest Cadbury's video which launched on the 15th May, is most definitely a glass and a half full! Not only have we seen a Guerilla drumming, eyebrow party freak out and now it seems - Clothes Dancing!! The larger than life clothes and props were specially made, and over 2 weeks dancers prepared the moves which would ultimately create the theatrical performance.

A Cadbury spokesman said: ‘They were effectively blind within the suits. They had to rehearse heavily to ensure they could perform without crashing into things.’

Sam Hibbard, from advertising agency Fallon, (who always produce such amazing creative and provocative work) said: ‘People now are so used to CGI so we wanted to create the ad in a traditional very lo-fi way. It’s almost a performance rather than an ad.’

And I love it! As always, you might question the relevance to chocolate - but who cares when it makes people smile, enjoy life and it has the feel good factor.

Read more here.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

125 years of Coca-Cola

Exclusive to Selfridges, Coca–Cola have reproduced four of their very first bottle designs for the brand's 125th Anniversary. Packaged in a commemorative wooden crate, this iconic symbol of American culture makes a wonderful collector's item.

Whilst out and about I have seen lots of promotional work for the anniversary of Coca-Cola 125 years and I think what better way to celebrate a brand that has such a huge heritage and is loved by so many. Here are just some of their ads over the recent years.

Street Art London Tour - *Happening NOW*

I saw this advertised the other day and it looked so good - It is shame I am not in London this weekend but what better way to spend a Saturday!

The journey takes you through East End of London to the streets of Old Street, Shoreditch and the Brick Lane which are seen as the epi-centre for Street Art, not only in London but the UK. The ever-changing nature of East London's street art means that the street scene changes on a weekly basis. During the Street Art Walking tour you will see works from well know street artists such as Ben Eine, Invader, D*Face, Roa, Stik, Anthony Lister, Swoon, Conor Harrington and Ronzo to name a few.

The tours take place regularly, for more info find it here.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

BONOBO :: Black Sands

My day would not be the same without Bonobo - a British musician, producer and DJ.
Bonobo uses a wide variety of samples in his music combined with heavy, often complex basslines. His music generally develops linearly - with new elements such as basslines or percussion coming in one after the other.

You MUST listen if you haven't heard - music will never be the same without his immense technical and incredible skill.


One of my favourite songs - Enjoy.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Stockholm // A Beaut-i-licious Place

If you have never been to Stockholm, Sweden ~ you must!
If you have then you will appreciate how beautiful it is.

You can do almost everything, and see almost everything ~ my visit this weekend to see my sister was a fun-filled weekend from start to finish. From watching May Day Protests, eating cake in the tallest tower, to sight seeing the city and drinking tea in remarkably amazing glass cups, to finally visiting the smallest village 'Margretelund' and watching planes pass over whilst watching the sun set.

I could have not asked for more...a thoroughly enjoyable weekend had by all!

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