Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Conor Cronin - is a 25 year old Art Director & Graphic Designer who is based in Barcelona. He has an interesting portfolio of work and an equally impressive work experience to date including Design Agencies such as ODD, London and Base, Spain.

I love his project called 'Adaption' - a campaign for Barcelona City Council, a peculiar mix of intriguing colour combination and art direction of a male and female model covered in paint. Really moving but speechless at the same time.

His website is also cool - simple but clever navigation when you load the homepage - definitely very different from anything I've seen recently. Well worth a look here.

F ' E L D

I have found an amazing digital and graphic design studio that are seriously cutting edge, unique and down right good at what they do!

"FIELD is a studio for digital art and graphic design based in London they use computational design, interactive technology, and generative strategies to create images with a life of their own.

Inspired by the patterns of nature and the dynamics of life, FIELD‘s visuals take up on our shared ideas of the world. Familiar motifs appear in a world of abstraction and imagination in their poetic and associative works.

Their projects take shape in illustration and animation, interactive installations and realtime generative visuals. FIELD has created work for global brands and cultural institutions, while their experimental films and installations have been shown at festivals and galleries around Europe and in the U.S."

To begin with, their site is beautiful - strong interaction between viewer and graphics, emotional to the movements of you mouse/touch. You must take the time to experience it! A spectacular connection is created and it got me hooked! Their navigation and links to projects are also well designed - nice font & chosen colour palette throughout. They have worked on projects for the likes of MUSE, RedBull and Xebox and it is an impressive portfolio.

Incredible work - definitely worth a look!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Absolutely brilliant - I only saw this last night and loved it, it was so fun and like-able that it would be hard not to make you smile!!

I read on Leanne's Blog (Advert Junkie LD) about how she won an Evian Baby T-shirt and thought what a great campaign it was - get people to take pictures of them wearing the T-shirt - encourage fans to join in the dancing fun via a website and iPhone app that allows them to become actors in the video and wham! You've got yourself a brand experience...

It proposes that we're all babies inside... and BETC Euro RSCG have executed this video from the Print campaign released last year - it captures spirit, movement and energy. Does it reflect the Brand or Bottled Water? Some may say it benefits the entirety of the bottled water industry rather than Evian in particular - I don't agree or disagree. I think it is clever, has an awe of spontaneity and makes the viewer smile...

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Sunday, 19 June 2011

IYA Studio

London based IYA Studio collaborates with like-minded clients to create innovative and well crafted ideas in the fashion, lifestyle and sport sectors. I originally found this site on a Site Inspire and only after looking through their work did I realise how great the work was, not only do I love the work but the layout of their website as well. Simplicity and great interaction with the images allow the viewer to easily guide their way through and enjoy the work.

I in particular loved the Hudson Lookbooks - great product selling as well as design. Photography is a powerful tool and when used to its advantage it can make a brand seem prestige and luxurious. Well used I reckon! (See below)

Hudson Lookbooks

The Manchester School of Art & Design Show

The invites and branding for the School's show were A4 and very different from last year! They are trying to incorporate the type of students and peers that make up over 1000 students that graduate this year - I think the branding is particularly strong - it pieces together each person and it retrospect summarises the 2011 graduates as a unity of creative people, whether from a fine art, graphic or photography background.

And below the D&AD Degree Show Branding and some highlights from the show - which again had a strong presence running throughout the fourth floor - not to mention it was most likely was the busiest department!! I agree so! Find all the highlights on their website which features all the students work.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

*It's that time of year again*

Yes I am afraid to say it but it's that time of year again!!
Has a year really gone that quick?? It seems so...and without me and even noticing!

The next round of Art and Design Degree Shows kicks off this week - Salford University starts on the 16.06.2011 titled "My Big Fat Show" and our very own The Manchester School Of Art starts on Friday 17.06.2011 titled "On Your Marks 2011".

It doesn't feel like a year since we graduated last year - but that's a good thing, most people said that it would go so quick...and it certainly has! Placements, free-lance work, and now finally a job has taken over the past year for me and I will be toasting my glass tomorrow for the next round of budding designers that will embrace the wider world. I wish them all the luck and hope the best for them where ever they may go...

The Manchester School of Art Degree show:
On Your Marks 2011

Salford University Degree show:
My Big Fat Show

Yulia Brodskaya

With an international reputation Yulia Brodskaya creates innovative paper illustrations and beautiful designs - she explores and experiments with typography, paper, and highly detailed craft objects.

She combines painting, origami and collage in her work and as you can see below they are beautiful in all forms...true dedication and hard work really does pay off. Such intricate detail goes into each piece and it must be so time consuming - but I bet hugely satisfying!!

More of her work can be found here.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

VOLT Magazine

"Volt magazine is a creative hybrid that we created to showcase original (specifically commissioned) work from some of the most directional and vital international fashion talents that are fuelling the British scene right now."

- It needs no more explanation, just explore and enjoy some of the best Fashion talent there is!
My favourite examples are below, I am drawn to the art direction and styling of both - they combine saturated colour, beautiful photography and most of all they look amazing!

Le Cafe Noir


Tuesday, 7 June 2011


If anyone has a few hours spare on Thursday night, 6.30pm onwards - this looks interesting especially if you're interested in Magazines. Not only will they have speakers from Article and Blanket but you can buy and discuss independent publishing in the North.

More info on the event see Stack Magazines.

LOVE Creative

LOVE Creative produce incredibly creative and outstanding work, they are at the top of my list and I thoroughly enjoying updating myself on their latest work and reading their blog posts (whoever writes them - you are funny!).

Their Latest campaign for Umbro - 'Stealth', consists of daring straplines that probe your innerself and make you think twice. The imagery is engaging and directly connects with the copy - the oversized font gives nothing away, but works perfectly with the tone of voice. Love it! (cheesy...)

I love that LOVE are doing so well - I have a huge passion for design studios in Manchester, and I am happy to celebrate their achievements because I don't feel that London outshines us up North. I would just love to part of one...someday...soon!

*MORE* from Moxy Creative House

I found these images from Moxy Creative House on another site whilst scouring the web - and although I have blogged about them before, I just love the simplicity of the ads. Beautiful illustration, simple concept and although there may be a slight repetition...I like the fact that there is!

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