Monday, 30 April 2012

Ink & Paper - UKPA

Ink & Paper - is an exhibition celebrating the UK's Gig posters scene in London this Month and you can see this fascinating exhibition of stunning prints and a screen printing feast from the 11 - 13th May at The Rag Factory, 16-18 Heneage Street,
London E1.

A total of 200 posters from over 30 artists will be featured, along with European and US based artists - some of which will feature their work spanning decades - a treat into how personal style can develop.

What makes a Gig poster work so well? The idea that you just get it - it fits so well with the band and it reflects their nature and genre? It's all of that and more, its typography, colour, print, emotion = a visual tease into what you are to see and feel......

Images courtesy of Ink & Paper.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Johnny Hardstaff - RSA Prometheus Trailer

A NEW Trailer directed by Johnny Hardstaff promoting the Ridley Scott movie 'Prometheus'. To be launched on June 1st 2012. The eerie trailer sees David - the butler and maintenance man on a space ship - explaining his origin and that he is in fact the latest product from the Wayland Corporation. He describes in detail the extent of his abilities, in which the fact that we, his "human counterparts might find distressing" - I love the sublimity and awkward feeling he possesses.

The multifaceted campaign is a new method of engaging an audience before the film is released - an exciting prospect for the future and its great to be apart of it!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Handmade Typography - Tien-Min Liao

Tien-Min Liao has created a typography handmade experiment - this self-initiated projects aims to explore the relationships between uppercase and lowercase letters - documenting and showing the transformation in process.

Beautiful and stunning - a dedicated exploration of our basic language and communication tools - depicted in simple manipulation of gestures, using ink to correspond an upper case and lower case. Removing or redrawing was not allowed so each shape had to be thoroughly planned using gestures and perspective.

The images below will explain her process which is greatly interesting, a real insight into her thought process and transformation!

Images courtesy of Tien-Min Liao.

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