Wednesday, 29 February 2012

NEW i { heart } Blog #5

THIS IS COLLATE  - Another i { heart } visual blog to add to my growing collection - it includes superb print, typography, website design, portfolios from across the web. (And twitter!)

A highly sophisticated and prestigious feel - very different navigation route and visual aesthetic from other design blogs I've seen - the quality of the presentation seems like a smart move. The photography is also well shot - something that does make a massive difference of how work is displayed.

What I like about COLLATE is that every piece of work featured is effective, looks like a great execution and portrays great design! There is a lot to take in so make sure you've got enough time! Enjoy.

Images courtesy of COLLATE.

Monday, 13 February 2012

NEW i { heart } Blog #3 ... #4

1983 - To Respect, Honor and Love 1983.

"To offer a carefully curated ‘Daily Catch’ of visual stimulation. To honor, respect and attribute the works to the wonderful artists, creatives and studios. To share and connect with the discerning creative crowd."

Most definitely a superb 'Daily Catch' of design inspiration and visual stimuli - I stumbled across my next two i { heart } blogs and nearly jumped for joy! Two great examples of why I love to share design and why you should (must) follow others. Brilliant.

Love their site - very descriptive and well sourced!

A1/ AisleOne - Another fab source of reference and inspiration for typography, grid layouts, minimalism and modernism! Again really great site - a user friendly navigation system - makes the viewing experience much more tailored to me.

You can find their site here. If you also find any other sites to share please do ... or email me and I can blog about it!

All images courtesy of 1983 and A1/AisleOne.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Max Lockwood // Illustration

Bio // Max Lockwood Is an Illustrator, based in Reading, who graduated from Southampton Solent University in 2011 with a BA (Hons) in Illustration. His work is a combination of detailed, hand drawn illustration and print, in pen & ink. He focuses his work on intense detail and strong drawing. He draws influence from nature, animals and antiquity. He is available for commissioned work as well as various other projects.

I have recently been in contact with Max - a very talented illustrator who like so many graduates is trying to gain the recognition they deserve in such a 'cloudy' climate. His work is highly detailed - the appreciation and skill put forward is truly representative of how impressive the work is. I love his combination of pen and ink - two separate forms but they beautifully come together with colour, shape and pattern. His style seems to be driven by nature - a subject matter so inspiring.

He has been featured in several interviews and features, including Little Constructs, Imagine That and Flamingo Magazine.

For more info // commissions you can see it here, most definitely worth a visit!

All images courtesy of Max Lockwood.


Monday, 6 February 2012

Photographer : Julia Kennedy

One #HOT fashion photographer I discovered today - Julia Kennedy, she graduated from Manchester Met. in 2000 and has made quite a name for herself in London, working for clients including Hudson, The Independent and Harpers Bazaar.

Beautiful work - capturing the topic in such a soft and delicate manner, yet looking so dam hot at the same time! Each piece makes me want to see more - from front covers to fashion shoots she has a timeless way of pulling in the viewer. She will no doubt be seen around the fashion scene with this incredible work!

A very clean, simple & user friendly site - see it here.

Images courtesy of Julia Kennedy.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

I am #LOST

Cecilia Paredes - Peruvian born artist and photographer creates beautifully blended pieces of art combining "the illusion of disappearing".
Her photo performances uses body paint, costume and installation as a theme to make us reconsider what it means to be virtually lost within migration and displacement. Our origins are what makes us interesting and in such a beautiful progression we see how they become part of the background.

I feel myself not able to tear away from the gaze in her eye, the awkward body positing and what is it exactly am I meant to be reflecting. I am lost. But in a positive and true self-exploration way ...

Images courtesy of Cecilia Paredes.

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