Friday, 30 March 2012

* Choose your COLOUR *

With summer literally just around the corner ( well ... hopefully ... ) its time to celebrate the colours of the season - and what better way than with this picturesque but edible Pantone Feast!

Choose your colour is a project by Griottes - a French culinary delight with a passion for food, cooking and making just about anything look mouth-watering. Her Blog has tips, tricks and stunning photography documenting her recipes and a how-to guide - all in french though ... she will translate soon enough!

With Tangerine 715 C being the key SS12 colour - let's celebrate and toast to a well deserved, sunshine filled - (proper) - summer!

All images courtesy of Griottes.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Guardian - 'the whole picture'

BBH has created and produced the latest campaign for The Guardian - showing is ground breaking open journalism and multi-platform credentials!

The campaign strapline 'the whole picture' - was first used in 1986 celebrating 'the points of view' Guardian ad. Now - in conjunction with the latest 'Three little pigs' TV advert - which promotes the new model of journalism, BBH have produced a fantastic piece of design executed successfully both in print and in the digital realm.

It celebrates : "The 2012 film recognises that the way people consume news in the digital age has changed dramatically and shows that the Guardian remains committed to producing outstanding journalism and giving our readers the whole picture - in whatever form they choose to receive it."

What I love is the print campaign - I love the visual approach - you totally get it - the use of graphical, minimalist shapes & colours enhances the story and primary focus. See the posters below - I've seen them up and around Manchester - literally taking over the city! Make sure you look out for them...

Monday, 19 March 2012

Microwhat ?

Before and After pictures of microwaving everything!
Yes everything ... almost everything possible has been put through this fascinating experiment - you can even request alternatives!

I love the documentation of the 'microwaving journey' - who knew it could be so exciting!! 
But then again who hasn't put a marshmallow in the microwave to blow up ... I have!

To release the Monday Blues and forget all your troubles - you must enjoy!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Welcome - Oneighty Creative

Oneighty Creative is a superb and impressive up North Design Agency that took me by surprise!!

I saw some of their work recently, 'unveiling the process' - a project driven by the need & want to show their clients the design process of creativity and brand creation. These over-head shots, by the infamous photographer Adrian Ray capture more then just the process, creativity and tools of how we produce work - it captures the beauty of what makes studio life so wholesome, inspiring and a feeling of being part of more than just a team. It's a way of life!

Their brief - “a visualised physical timeline of our brand process which creates a sort of mad hatter’s tea party feel” is all that and more - and these images are spectacular. (see below)

Oneighty also have an extensive portfolio - they seem to cross all boundaries and have a client list that includes the one-off logos to blue chip companies - it is definitely worth exploring!
See more of their work here.

All images courtesy of Oneighty Creative.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Ben Cope - Fashion Photographer

Ben Cope - a successful and stunning Fashion Photographer with a diverse portfolio.
His photography has such a strong appeal - his method of capturing the subject is at the core of the final image. 

His below projects are what caught my eye - the engagement, a strong presence and clean angles & lines.These are just a few highlights that dominant and allow me to want to find and source what is trying to be conveyed.

All images courtesy of Ben Cope.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

A+R Photographic Studio

A+R - Anita and Rosie - two friends who collaborated in 1994 to create an approachable agency representing dedicated individuals from graduate to established photographers. 

Their love of photography and passion to support talent has allowed them to create a house of photographers, stylists and image makers that are the most desired and up-to-date with current trends and high fashion! I in particular love Wendy Carrig, Dan Smith and Gustavo Papaleo.

Navigation of their site is also very different - a right hand nav bar allows the user to scroll and keep the feed of delightful images moving - slowing when the cursor moves away from the arrow. Very nice.

If in need of fashion reference be sure to take a look!
A+R photographic Studio.

All images courtesy of A+R.

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