Tuesday, 21 December 2010


A Lady indeed!!
This one of a kind exhibition at the Fotografiska Museum in Stockholm was a true delight!
Some background on the exhibition;

"It´s 1981. Andy Warhol is to be 53 years old later in the summer. He and his old friend Christopher Makos visits an elegant wig shop in the 57th Street. The two friends heads off to the photo studio with eight wigs. 48 intense hours and 349 images later the result – Lady Warhol – is completed.

”Andy and I were relaxed enough to let his grace and his awkwardness show. I see in these images openness and vulnerability and Andy’s need to express himself. These were parts of Andy that he rarely exposed in public, but I remember them well.” explains Makos.
Magnus Naddermier"

The superb essence captured within the images is so unique, and portrays Warhol in a completely different manner - a softer secret emerging. The stunning photography and art direction drives the images further and allows the mind to wonder.

See more info here.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

A visit to Hyper Island, Stockholm.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of going to visit Hyper Island - somewhere I had wanted to visit since learning more about the opportunities available and the amazing career paths that would open doors in the creative industry.

I organised to meet with a current student and the recruitment manager whom made my stay even more pleasant - I seemed to fit right in and became one of the students (something very similar to uni life) and it felt really good! The atmosphere was busy as they all had strict deadlines, but the working environment was more like agency life than university and it was interesting just to listen, offer my advice and be consumed by it all.

In the images you will see the three different courses on this floor; E-commerce, Interactive Art Director and Digital Motion.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself - a totally new experience and one that I may consider with the new school opening in Manchester, which is an incredible opportunity for professionals and students in this industry!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Hyper Island in Manchester ... Yes Please !

I regularly update myself with news from Hyper Island, as I have been keen to visit the school in Sweden. This nice surprise of it locating in Manchester's Northern Quarter was a treat! The school operates a program developed by the US Military in 1960s which required leadership skills and life/death decision making.

"The programme's creators realised that the leadership and communication skills were the best way to train personnel for the rapidly changing environment in which they found themselves."

It sounds exciting, with 92% of graduates getting a job before they've finished school - sounds more impressive than ever as it widely recognised across the creative industry.

I am visiting Sweden at the end of this week and I hope to meet the fabulous David McCall, this will definitely be a talking point not to be missed! Just hope he is free ...

Thursday, 2 December 2010

A Visual Treat !

Exactly that.
A Visual Treat.
Truly Magical.



Present and Correct

Present and Correct - should bring all the happiness and joy to every office in the world - their bespoke goods and vintage products are designed to bring a smile to mind and influence all ages.
The website is particularly user friendly - nice icons (right-hand side) navigate you through the pages and information, whilst the style is simple and easy going - something which reflects P&C's nature.

"Since 2003, when we were not being graphic designers, we have been cutting and pasting from our front room in London. Making paper goods and selling them far and wide. It reminded us of being small; sticking tin foil to cereal cartons and the dog, but hopefully with more professional results.

A long-term obsession with stationery has culminated in a constantly evolving store. A selection of P&C products mixed up with handmade goods, vintage items and work by designers from all over the world.

Sourced from Seoul or picked up on the bus from Peckham: we hope that our designs, and finds, bring some fun to your desks, walls, friends and children. It might spark a distant memory, make you smile or look at the most mundane in a new, and fonder, light."

There are some lovely inspirational finds - you must take a look! I in particular love 'the office in a jar' - something we all could do with!!

P&C - http://www.presentandcorrect.com/index.php

Who's Blushing ?

Certainly not me .. But Blush Publishing was recommended to me by a friend and their work is just oh so beautiful. Such attentive detail and accuracy (see the bottom image - a business card design) throughout their extensive range - the quality and design seem to be irresistible and although it is not a local printers I would definitely keep them in mind.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Drifting where ...

Article Magazine have produced a very interesting read on topical debates - discussing graduate unemployment and "why you must move to London" and how to effectively drift through life.

The free magazine is well worth a mention - nice typographical layout and composition flows nicely throughout each story - and to say the least, it includes the fantastic reviews of OWT and The Mill Press.

So ... I am not much of a drifter, nor would I ever want to be - however, if you fancy a life less ordinary, take the back seat and enjoy a bit of Article's top tips, including get a call centre job, do a masters, move back home or go to gallery openings for of course the free booze!
Not only do 'Drifters' drift through life, they can also drift through places - Have you ever gone somewhere ... with no intended destination, no planned route to take, or followed someone off the bus? Obviously not - because who has time? But what if we did? Every now and again just allow ourselves to have no objective, and experience the world in another way. Well now you can, by escaping to the virtual world of Google earth - duck tape the windows, lock all doors and travel cities with the click of a button, experience life without making a single step!

The second important story, which will interest most - the shocking fact that only 4% of jobs were offered to graduates in the North West, compared with he 50% offered in London. The need to uproot and move down south hits home that there is no opportunities available at this time. Although London has never been at the forefront of my career goals - it seems that now we have no choice ... it has to be a consideration, it will be the only way. After all it's where 43% of all design jobs are ...

Article magazine http://www.articlemagazine.co.uk/

AD of the month.

This months 'AD of the month' goes to French Connection - The Woman, created and designed by London agency Fallon. It is to no surprise ...over the last few months I have seen it being critiqued and recognised on a global scale - as a piece of advertising that gets straight to the point.

I love the feeling of the story being only half told - the pondering thoughts that run through your mind, and the stunning angles of the varied shots of each ad. The language speaks to the audience, but the lack of interaction with the audience can also be noticed ... some say a recognised trait of work by Fallon or Saatchi London ... I say let go, and be consumed!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Magical Manchester ...

Dinosaur, Manchester's creative Design agency have launched the Christmas campaign in the city centre and it truly is just that - Magical ! The festive gift wrap celebrates the true spirit of Christmas and captures the minds of all ages.

At first sight I thought it had an added depth, 3D aspect to it - but at closer look it hasn't, but it doesn't need to. Lets hope its captures your attention.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Kerr Vernon - a Graphic Design Agency based in Glasgow delivers creatively-led, engaging and memorable design for print and the web. His most recent work is a promotional pack to promote the work for Glasgow Press and it is everything that print should be.
It uses Letterpress. It is hand-crafted. Looks so touchable.

And is most of all is so inspiring!!
To request one email Dan at info@glasgowpress.com before they all run out! http://www.kerrvernon.co.uk/

Friday, 22 October 2010

Waiting for Superman Infographics Trailer

As a massive fan of Infographics - this caught my eye recently and from start to finish it is a brilliant yet interactive piece of work that keeps you entertained and informed.
I really like the visual style and colours - both exciting and fresh. I am not sure how relevant the style is to the subject matter but it just shows you what a difference the aesthetic can do to improve and make people engage. Take a look!

A celebration ...

I would just like to celebrate some of my fellow peers from Design and Art Direction - The Mill Press and OWT. Over the past few weeks I have following their achievements and success - it is in need for a major celebration as I admire their hard work and determination to create something different. And they have!

The Mill Press
"Is an independent publisher and writing house, based in London and Manchester. Its purpose is to investigate and explore subjects of intrigue and ambiguity.Created by two sisters, this project encapsulates a lifetime of shared interests in art, design, writing and photography."

"A newly formed design collective based in Manchester. OWT is comprised of 5 young designers, Ste Beed, Jon Hannan, Katrina Currie, Sarah Stapleton and Ben Kither. The five of us graduated from the Manchester Metropolitan University Design and Art Direction course last year and have decided to come together and form a young, exciting team focussed on showcasing the best of Manchester talent."

They were recently featured on "Its Nice That" Blog.

I wish them - and everyone else a huge good luck for the future!
It is a very exciting time as they venture out in the world and it just shows what you can achieve if you put your mind to it.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

"Happy Inside" Campaign

The latest Ikea campaign by agency Mother, saw the release of over 100 cats into the Wembley Store. This had had a lot of coverage over the last few weeks - and I have to admit that on first viewing I had a Marmite moment ...

The concept ... amazing - a great connection between the cats and the feeling of home ... However ... Cats - I am not too keen on them roaming around jumping on things.
I don't own a cat and probably never will so I think that although Mother hit a huge target audience, I think they also alienated others because like Jack said from UHC - "I'm allergic to them".

But to say the least it is a fantastically shot advert - Ikea have put themselves at the heart of the home and it shows!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The END.

This has been my home for the past four months - the end has come ... and although I have a lot to say, my feelings and emotion for the people who work here is more than I ever could have imagined. What a beautiful and inspirational place to have experienced.
Thank you ..

AND - An exploration of the city Art galleries

Manchester this weekend was taken over by the AND festival - the city was buzzing with music, theatre, film and exhibitions and I am glad to have experienced it.

I visited the Manchester Art Gallery for the 'Recorders' exhibition - by electronic artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, a fantastic and interactive experience with the installations as they responded to your pulse, voice and prints. See below image - the lights pulsed to the rhythm of your heart beat to create a surreal discotheque atmosphere that systematically erupted. Very interesting!!

Then I visited Cube Gallery - 'Designed Disorder', which radically proposes absurd and practical solutions into how we behave, mass consume, self meditate and travel, making the design of human experiences an altogether uncomfortable experience.
I blogged several weeks ago about the 'The Toaster Project', Thomas Thwaites, and it was incredible to see the real life objects that were used to create the experiment - it really does make you question have we forgotten how to make everyday items or is this proposition absurd?

Next was the Corner House - 'Unspooling', artists and cinema featuring 19 artists gathering work from the last decade that use or abandon the usual convention of cinema, such as celluloid, digital video, motion and time.

The images above correspond with the Artists work from the exhibition:

-Elizabeth McAlpine - Hyena Stomp, 2006, C-print on plexiglass.
-Stefan Zeyen - Farewell, 2009
-Ming Wong - Life and death in Venice, 2010
-Sheena Macrae - Odyssey, 2009
-Michael Borremans - The German, 2004-2007

It is definitely a must see - it is on till January so no rush!!

Papergirl Launch Party

Last Thursday saw the launch of the Papergirl Exhibition at Soup Kitchen - as part of UHC we entered the competition and it was great to see the work up and meet other artists and designers.
If you haven't seen it - it is a must see visit!!

Thursday, 30 September 2010

It has begun ..

The AND - Abandon Normal Devices Festival has already to taken over the city in preparation for the big weekend, 1st to 3rd Oct. This is my first acknowledgement of it.
The festival has everything to inspire all age ranges, from bike rides, to boat rides, to chocolate tastings, to being shrink wrapped I am sure it'll keep everyone happy!

Get involved - it is a must!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

We ARE back in town ...

Try and spot what I am talking about ...
Photos will follow shortly !!!


Sandra and Zara, from MMU had their opening of Re(collection) last night in Holden Cafe and it was lovely to celebrate and support fellow peers.
The exhibition is on till 15th October so make sure you head over there and check it out as I wont say no more. Beautiful and timeless exhibition ...

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

An exhibition is in town ...

An exhibition that I blogged several months ago is coming to Manchester and I am very excited!
AND - Abandon Normal Devices is to launch on 1st Oct - 7th Oct.
The visuals look intriguing, I want to go - hope you do too?

Also, there is a Manchester Weekender Festival 1st-3rd Oct (see Cornerhouse for more details.)

Monday, 20 September 2010

House of Cards ...

The House of Cards campaign was created for 'Shelter' by Leo Burnett.
They created the identity for the campaign, as well as an exhibition catalogue and a limited edition box of A5 playing cards.

I think the use of space, scale and colour attracts the eye, and questions the meaning of the campaign. (From my favourite agency - Pentagram.com)

This way to Fall ...

Superb Poster Design for Yale School of Architecture by Michael Bierut.
Using 58 different arrows they illustrate the Fall programme.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Not just a ...

Or a creative individual
Or a design intern

Everything else.

A painter
Team player
Tea maker
Window cleaner
Paper cutter
Bank payer
Book buyer
Spec writer
Printer friendly
Bread maker
Soup drinker
Milk buyer


And more.

Please - don't hesitate to get in touch!

I was recently part of the studio re-vamp at UHC and after putting forward ideas for improvement we were then able to help make those changes happen!! It felt great to make a difference and improve the working environment.
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