Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Aestetic Research

Fabrice Le Nezet - is an artist/director/art director who has created a project based on sculpture, fashion, colour and toy design.

'Aesthetic Research' - a Women's Spring/Summer photo series combines a stunning, fresh palette with witty silhouettes representing the female body. I love his subtle charm - by using architecture combined with sculpture he creates a stunning array of form and symmetrical lines.

Images courtesy of Fabrice Le Nezet.

i { heart } TROTTER

When you find something you love - it must be shared, enjoyed and cherished! I have never had a dog - nor ever really needed/wanted one, so when this fashion forward dog came into my life - I gasped!

And what a beaut Trotter is ....

His owner - Sonya Yu, a food pornographer, photographed her French Bulldog in a range of outfits - deemed adorable and fascinating.

Please enjoy - and check out her Tumblr site - she does photograph other means and they are also beautifully captured!!

Images courtesy of Sonya Yu

Monday, 15 October 2012

FAT or Fiction

Steve Jobs once said "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" and I am proud to celebrate this early advertising campaign with a new food creation ~ FAT or Fiction!

This stunningly simple creation - guides the consumer through their most delicious treats - beautifully breaking down the nutritional information, so we can see in full glory the hidden calories, fats and sugars. What may worry most people - and what now covers all of our food packaging is the health impact of what we consume. However, most of this packaging information lacks the engaging aspect of informing consumers what's really in their food!

But now - FAT or Fiction has decoded this information in the most artistic & decorative manner. Anna Brooks, Christina Winkles and David Rosser are the creators behind this magical creation - a collaboration of design, technology and teaching.

I have included some images but I would highly recommend visiting the site and exploring for yourself, the photography and composition of how you interact is something I've not seen before - as information graphics go there is plenty out there but for me this is a perfect example of information broken down, applied and consumer friendly. With a simple well designed interface that is uber mouth-watering !!

See more for your self here - images courtesy of FAT or Fiction.


Tuesday, 2 October 2012

My Animal Farm

Julie Katrine Andersen - a Graphic Designer employed as an associate professor for the Danish School of Media and Journalism has been of interest for me this week! 

Her personal website is both dedicated to the profession and it looks great - I love her quote "The purpose of great editorial design is telling the story, not making your fellow designers come in their pants". What I think is so successful is her ability to create editorial design with content, reason and a great visual appearance.

She also has a blog 'Inspiration Lab' - it's a bloody good one at that and I am going to post some research she did as it features photographers, typography and much more!

Images courtesy of Julie Katrine Andersen.

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