Sunday, 16 December 2012

Merry Crimbo #2012

With the festive season in full spirit, I am actively taking part ... already I have taken part in eating my weight in Quality Streets, mince pies and Foxes biscuits. God love them! So with this in mind - Team Digital at Debenhams HQ - had the chance to create our very own Winter Wonderland and what a pleasure it was. With a graphical & minimalist version of Christmas - after a lot of sweat and tears we produced the best ever display. And boy we were proud ... Happy Crimbo to all, with love ...


Clase BCN
- is a graphic design and visual communication studio based in Barcelona. Made up of a team of 10 multi-disciplinary designers, they have a large and popular clientele list. Working across fashion, editorial, communication and press - their work is both highly skilled and delightful!

Nothing is left spared - their attention to detail including typography, styling, composition and element of surprise is beautifully articulated and displayed. With no particular one-trick style, they take on each project with individual innovation - which allows their creative process to excel the norm and is specific for each design. A thoughtful element that completes the design process from start to finish of each project!

Images courtesy of Clase BCN.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Aestetic Research

Fabrice Le Nezet - is an artist/director/art director who has created a project based on sculpture, fashion, colour and toy design.

'Aesthetic Research' - a Women's Spring/Summer photo series combines a stunning, fresh palette with witty silhouettes representing the female body. I love his subtle charm - by using architecture combined with sculpture he creates a stunning array of form and symmetrical lines.

Images courtesy of Fabrice Le Nezet.

i { heart } TROTTER

When you find something you love - it must be shared, enjoyed and cherished! I have never had a dog - nor ever really needed/wanted one, so when this fashion forward dog came into my life - I gasped!

And what a beaut Trotter is ....

His owner - Sonya Yu, a food pornographer, photographed her French Bulldog in a range of outfits - deemed adorable and fascinating.

Please enjoy - and check out her Tumblr site - she does photograph other means and they are also beautifully captured!!

Images courtesy of Sonya Yu

Monday, 15 October 2012

FAT or Fiction

Steve Jobs once said "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" and I am proud to celebrate this early advertising campaign with a new food creation ~ FAT or Fiction!

This stunningly simple creation - guides the consumer through their most delicious treats - beautifully breaking down the nutritional information, so we can see in full glory the hidden calories, fats and sugars. What may worry most people - and what now covers all of our food packaging is the health impact of what we consume. However, most of this packaging information lacks the engaging aspect of informing consumers what's really in their food!

But now - FAT or Fiction has decoded this information in the most artistic & decorative manner. Anna Brooks, Christina Winkles and David Rosser are the creators behind this magical creation - a collaboration of design, technology and teaching.

I have included some images but I would highly recommend visiting the site and exploring for yourself, the photography and composition of how you interact is something I've not seen before - as information graphics go there is plenty out there but for me this is a perfect example of information broken down, applied and consumer friendly. With a simple well designed interface that is uber mouth-watering !!

See more for your self here - images courtesy of FAT or Fiction.


Tuesday, 2 October 2012

My Animal Farm

Julie Katrine Andersen - a Graphic Designer employed as an associate professor for the Danish School of Media and Journalism has been of interest for me this week! 

Her personal website is both dedicated to the profession and it looks great - I love her quote "The purpose of great editorial design is telling the story, not making your fellow designers come in their pants". What I think is so successful is her ability to create editorial design with content, reason and a great visual appearance.

She also has a blog 'Inspiration Lab' - it's a bloody good one at that and I am going to post some research she did as it features photographers, typography and much more!

Images courtesy of Julie Katrine Andersen.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

IF - I - HAD

Tumblr is a wonderful collection of a visual array of stunning imagery captured from all walks of life. From food documentation, scenery, animation to typography, illustration it is a source that will inspire.

The creator - a person liked to be known as 'Ishmael' - a who-don'-it suspicious character that refers to his ideology as bullshit! But laughs him off! Really he goes by the name of Adam Elliot - a 16 yr old asshole (his words not mine!!) that currently resides in Australia. He would love to be a photographer/writer and I can't quite do him justice - so read more about him here - I think you have to understand him in your own words....

On that note - this site of all things wonderful is worth viewing - even if you don't like design/architecture/photography (How could you not?? But ... ) your eyes are bound to be drawn by the shapes, colours, subject matters that feature - a visual delight!


Images courtesy of Ville Noir (IF I HAD)

Thursday, 30 August 2012


It seems Carl Kleiner has us mouth watering again ... he is well known for his agonising ordered and graphic layouts from ingredients to colour making. I have loved his approach and style since I first laid eyes on him. And he impresses me once more. 

I am drawn in ... his work excites an inner part of me - maybe its because I also like to be ordered and visualise in blocks rather than an erratic manner. 

This series of Lollipop again, takes colour, shape, lines, and textures to another level - it is the anal detail that is provoking. The painstakingly approach is what I love!!

Please enjoy and explore more of his work here.

Images courtesy of Trendland.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

London LOVE

London ... it's the Olympics ... I am now officially living & working here and I am consumed by it all - { and I actually LOVE being apart of it!! } I haven't been that involved as much as one would have hoped but I hope to be this weekend ... as it's the last weekend and all!

I also LOVE how companies, agencies, partnerships have been created between boroughs and it's all about the team work - the spirit, the bringing together and supporting one another!

Here's to Team GB!

 Bread Collective - a London based Design agency have created a beautiful 100 metre typographic mural that lines one of the walls in Hackney on route to the Olympic Park. I saw this on It's Nice That - and I loved it - it is a great way to celebrate the historical Industry of the area with words and phrases put forward by the local community.

It shows a mass of love and emotion for an area that has been deprived, but with the support from the Olympics it shows just how much it has to offer. I also love the engaging aspects of the words - they have an empowering effect on area, the heritage and the gaps that fill the voids.

It took them seven months of preparation, long hours and hard work to produce the mural - but they deserve a big pat on the back as it looks incredible and I can't wait to see it!

Enjoy from the view on your screens ... The walls have ears!

Images courtesy of It's Nice That and Bread Collective.

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