Tuesday, 25 January 2011

A Beautiful Appeal

As I am using the internet on a more regular basis - I want to come across sites that not only deliver grand entrances, but entice me to enter and feel like I want to click past the homepage.

In rare cases the visual appeal makes me want more, and it is then that I am hooked ... note all you web designers - there is a need to design and create the passion in what the consumer is looking at! In my example I present Established & Sons - one of the few that deliver throughout their site. Correct me if I am wrong (as I know there are plenty, plenty of amazing sites that deliver all this) but let it be a lesson to those who don't/want to notice.

A Must See ...

At the weekend 'Black Swan' was released and there has been a lot of talk about the films success in all the media, some negative, but mostly positive - and it truly lived up to all that I expected!
From the first scene you enter the dark, wonderful and lonely world of Nina - an oppressed ballet dancer that fights off the deeper side of life to succumb to those around her.

It was truly griping and intense - I think that it simply cannot fit into one genre as it covers horror, thriller, romance and many more ... The ending will come as a surprise, so without ruining it, please go and see it - Enjoy it!

Just some of them ...

A few of my favourite finds over the last few days.
Sources unknown but they provide me with a great source of inspiration when I am working and in my personal work - I will always be inspired by other peers, people, designers as there is such great creative design undiscovered ...

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The latest in ... Fashion


:: They have won numerous awards for their website, not only is it superbly designed - but it has great advice & tips on the latest fashion. I particularly love the simple yet aspiring visuals that are used as promotional tools - as in the examples, the photography works beautifully with the solid and profound font. A great combination.

If you haven't, do explore as there is lots to do & get involved with at http://www.asos.com/


:: Who can not admire Topshop? For all their flaws, joys & over-priced clothes (to some maybe ..) they have great design taste. The SS11 Look Book is at the tip of trend setting this season and I am mouth watering at the bold, block colours paired with pale lustrous tones that are oozing summer. It captures my attention and makes me want more ... their website also is an experience - from the latest trends, features and blog you can literally live in Topshop if need be! Enjoy

Monday, 3 January 2011


You may have noticed the recent release of the MORE TH>N Freeman TV adverts, such excellent copy and art direction needs a massive round of applause! They create a new wave of complete motionless advertising that captures the attention of the viewer straight from the word go ... you are totally absorbed in the voice and moving image (most of what many of us will take for granted, i.e. car tyres and roof tiles).

It also seems that MORE TH>N are branching out in terms of social media and have created interactive and engaging ways that you can experience the brand, check out there "I'm MORE TH>N Freeman" Facebook page http://on.fb.me/MT-Y .

Their mission is "We do More", and they have captured it beautifully!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

18-2120 ... A New You?

"Pantone's fortune cookie for 2011 tells us that "Energising Honeysuckle Lifts Spirits and Imparts Confidence to Meet Life's Ongoing Challenges"."

What a difference a colour makes ... the new Honey Suckle 18-2120 has high expectations for the coming year, the start to a New Year, a New You and all that we (I) may achieve ...

I feel that this is going to be a challenge - 2011 will see me taking my first steps into the big wide world of real life, an actual pay cheque and an opportunity that I had not predicted, so lets say its going to be ... fun!

Santa brought me a very special gift this year - my very own Pantone Mug (I adore 2010's turquoise 3272 c and it is my favourite colour in the whole world!!) which will serve me magically - thank you Santa!! I also thought I'd share another special gift - my very own Upside Down Press Notebook courtesy of Anna and Maaya.

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