Wednesday, 31 March 2010

'PANIC' Preview Night - Tuesday 30th March

The Launch Night for our exhibition was last night and it was a huge success!
We didn't know how many people to expect and Alessandra and myself were slightly dubious as to how the night would go. It went better than expected and we were totally surprised as to how many people came (good job we order more alcohol!).

We want to thank all the people who helped out and supported us throughout the whole process, I couldn't have done it without Alessandra who has been my other half throughout the planning and organising of the exhibition. I have truly had the best time, it has been an incredible experience for us all and one that I won't forget.

The exhibition is on till Saturday the 3rd so all welcome!
Also see our updated blog:

Thanks everyone!

'PANIC' Exhibition Installation

The exhibition installation day was Monday 29th. It was a long, but productive day and it took us just over 6 hours to clean the space, arrange work, put the work up and finally have some fun.

The members of 'Team PANIC' were crucial to helping Alessandra and me out, and we were very pleased with the turn out. It was a great day and although it was time consuming we were very happy with the end result...well done everyone!

Here is an insight into how the day went!!

PANIC, PANIC, PANIC...My final piece

The Collection of Time

My response is reflective of the daily journeys to and from university, these documentations are recorded in the train tickets that I have purchased since starting third year in September 2009.
As time and date is our only structure that documents daily life, when you remove it, how does
it affect that particular moment or journey?

My interpretation describes a feeling of panic - as the days of university life are quickly coming to an end and the feeling of desperation is ever present.

Sunday, 28 March 2010


I have been taking Chris Jackson's Web lessons this term and although I haven't really pursued it until now, it has been the push I needed in order to end uni with some form of web design.

It has took my all weekend and endless calls to Sarah but I seem to have got it to a stage I am happy with, I want to do more but unfortunately my skills are lacking!! As I have used my website on my business cards for the NoiseLab exhibition I needed to take it further.

So here is it:


Friday, 26 March 2010

NOISELAB 'PANIC' - We are on their website!

As the looming exhibition is near, we have finally been put on the NoiseLab website which is a very...very exciting!!

Take a look at:


The space utilised in the second exhibition at NoiseLab - New School, is far better (personal opinion) and really uses all the space.
The New School exhibition is also from The Manchester Art School, with students from Fine Art, Print exhibiting. They have fully used the space and it was really good to see how our work will fit in, rather exciting actually as I eyed up what they had done!

The exhibition work was also equally good and it connected with the space as some pieces used the ceiling and floor, (something which our exhibition probably wont) and it had obviously been well curated and each piece flowed nicely with the next in suit.

Thursday, 25 March 2010


I could potentially have a motion piece to compliment the poster showing the blast of dates but at this late stage I seriously do not have time!!

I have also been thinking that because the piece is arrangeable I can literally more the dates to create different shapes, the elevation depth created will allow people to look close up to see the under layers and height created.


Whilst preparing and planning for the exhibition, I have also been working on my own work! Having very little time, I feel like I have spent as much time as I can and as I already had an idea it has progressively developed over the two weeks.

My concept has stemmed from a thought that overwhelmed me recently. As I moved back home last year I have (for no reason at all) collected each train ticket that I have been on. Each ticket documents that particular journey, price, date and month. My collection has reached a total of 170 train tickets!

For me, moving back home was not an issue, more so saving myself a serious amount of cash. These daily journeys that I have had, have documented my final year, slowly creeping away before. Like an emotional boundary one is crossing, it is significant to realise that we will never be making these journeys again so one must enjoy it now.

When you think of time/dates they are the foundation of our daily structure and without them our world would become a chaos of madness and unpredictability = "Panic".
I wanted to use the tickets but change their natural state to become something else. I decided to remove the dates from the tickets, to emphasize the importance that without that structure that particular journey now has no meaning...the individual dates would be used to create a separate piece enhancing the confusion.

To cut out the dates from the tickets took about 2 hours but look like I hoped they would. Just to remove that piece of information has now recreated the meaning of the tickets.

My main piece will be based on using the cut out dates to create a sudden burst and underlying "Panic" of their existence. Below are some of my experiments that I have been exploring:

Experimenting with ways of how layout can affect the visual understanding of what I am trying to portray.

The close ups make the tickets huge..even when there not!


Here is the promotional material for our exhibition.
Alessandra and myself hand folded all the invitations which we have enveloped and sent to major agencies in and around Manchester, the flyers and posters have also been put around University and Northern Quarter.

Its such a good feeling to see the work live around Manchester and to see our hard work pay off. As I have been living and breathing this exhibition there is a huge expectation for it to be good, so hopefully it will be!


For the exhibition the artwork and copy has been adapted so that we can contact agencies/ friends/family.

Here is the e-flyer, use it willingly!

We would like to invite you to our exhibition 'PANIC' at NoiseLab, Market street, Manchester.

The exhibition is a showcase of final Design and Art Direction (BA Hons) students from The Manchester School of Art.

Each designer has created their own response to the theme of ‘PANIC’, which they have explored through a variety of mediums including graphic design, illustration,photography and motion design.

The exhibition will be open Tuesday 30th to the 3rd April, with a special preview night on Tuesday 30th 6-8pm.
All welcome! has stepped out of the virtual realm and into the retail world, supported by Manchester City Council the NOISE Free Arts Lab has taken over an empty retail premises amongst the city's busiest shopping hotspots. This free and innovative space gives invaluable opportunities to young creatives, communities and students to develop their professional practice and embrace new networks. A Series of weeklong exhibitions will begin on Tuesday the 16th of March, the exhibition will be open 12:00pm- 8:00pm Tuesday to Saturday and 12:00-5:00pm on Sunday.

Monday, 22 March 2010


Today, Alessandra, Caitlin and myself printed the NoiseLab posters,flyer's and preview night invitations. The lithography machine is big and beautiful, the technician John who runs the machine has been a great help over the past few days as it has saved us a lot of cost on our behalf! The plates themselves are made externally and it is an incredible and musical machine that is hitting the spot when it comes to mass production! As we only had a small job we by no means saw its full potential, as it can go up to 8,000 revs!? (whatever that is...)

The following pictures are recording the process and results which will soon be distributed around uni and all surrounding areas ready for the exhibition next week. They look hot!


Fudge agency came in to talk to second years today and I tagged along to see some of their work.

Fudge agency is based in Bolton and is currently celebrating its 10Th birthday, they originally worked mainly in print but as the recent rise in digital technologies has grown they have adapted their services to suit client needs. The Creative Director, Gavin Bates who has been with the company for over 6 years came in to give us a talk based on the re branding of "England Squash and Racket ball". This particular brief was for a period of 10 day to 2 weeks where they developed a full pitch based on project scope and evaluation, research and analysis, design concepts and design applications.

They re designed and re branded the brief in a way that eliminated what had already been done before. As he was the main designer he devised 6 concepts that he would show to the client, (shown below in the images) my favourite had to be the typographical approach as it looked ultra modern and it gave the sport a new perspective.

The talk was good, but he didn't really explain what the company did in detail - I think being in third year I want to know this as it gives me more of an insight into the industry. However it was good to go too and I am glad I went. See their website for more of their work:

This is the chosen concept that the client went for.

Sunday, 21 March 2010


The White and Red exhibition has been organised by second D&AD students in collaboration with Leeds College of Art students. The exhibition was really exciting, it was great to see fresh talent in such a great location in the heart of Manchester. The work was also very good, a lot of different expressive pieces that worked well within the space.

Well done second years!!
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