Monday, 15 March 2010


Morag Myerscough came in last week (9th March) and although I wasn't really aware of her work she is a very good designer who has a life span of work dedicated to being enthusiastic and original.

She has owned her own studio since 1993, which was basically in her own home (by day it was a gallery and by night it was a kitchen!!). Overall she has had an exciting few years and it is too much to comment on but her outlook on life is all about; consuming, observing and having a different approach to work.

The work featured above is from the presentation she gave and it is great, but she hardly explained it so it was second guessing as to what and why she worked on projects. She was an inspiring person/designer who has worked on many blue chip companies such as Ikon magazine, Formula 1 and Alan Aldridge Exhibition.

Her main comments that I took on board were;
- Focus on what you enjoy
- The recession we are in at the moment is a really positive time
- Collaborate, you cant work on your own

I hope to hear more from Morag and I will for sure be keeping up to date with her work and where ever she may go.

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