Tuesday, 9 March 2010


The deadline for the Design: 21 Brief was Tuesday, and I have been solidly been working on it for the past week and a half. I am not too sure whether I have up dated my concept for the poster design but basically my poster represents:

"The centre or innermost part of any person, place, or culture is the heart.

What lies in yours?

This poster represents the heart, and the role it has within the body and the world we live in.
It powers our bodies with life, our communities with spirit and our cultures with strength.

The heart is an ever changing organ, one that adapts to change, and that changes with us. Changing what lies in our hearts opens up opportunities for us to make a better world.

The mapping in this poster simultaneously illustrates the heart as the core of our world, and the tool we can use to open ourselves up to equality, diversity and the values that lie within each and every one of us. The heart universally unites us, and our hearts can beat together, for the same goal. Through using the heart as a symbol that all civilisations, countries and cultures have in common, this poster aims to strike a chord with people and reinvent the idea that despite different cultures we can all work together.

If we all open our hearts what would our world be like?
It is up to us to want to make it a better world and we should start now."

The final design is above, along with my other development work that I have produced since starting the project. I am very happy with the final outcome, it visually works much better than my previous designs and development work. It has been an excellent project to work on, and I hope that I can continue to produce highly effective work in the coming months.

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