Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Magpie Studio

Magpie Studio - Amazing website, I love the typographic lettering's of the different M's as the main navigational image. It sets the tone for the type of work they produce, their ethos and mentality and the great work to feast your eyes on.

This style of website is becoming more and more familiar, and as I scour the Internet for new sites I am beginning to submerge myself in the different templates that people reuse & recycle. This site is so successful in my mind because of the stark contrasting mono colour and its impressive overwhelming image that dominates. I can't help but take my eyes of those M's!

The work! Yes, some great and equally impressive clients - the BAFTA's, Channel 4, Tate Britain and many more. They use visual communication as a tool to connect with the audience, deliver clear briefs and making the message memorable. And I am impressed - creative concepts, strong executions and persuasive language.

Definitely one to stop by and take a look! Even if it is just to look at those M's!!
Let me know what you think...

Images courtesy of Magpie Studios.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Everything in between - Carl Kleiner

Truly Amazing - Colour, geometry and raw talent, Carl Kleiner is everything in between.
From his humorous and witty ideas to the ones that need no explanation - he is totally awe inspiring. I blogged about the work he did for IKEA last year, and when returning to update myself on his new work I was pleasantly surprised. I love the simplicity in his designs, the anal ritual organisation of items and the how he turns the mundane into something of a spectacle.

A pleasure to look at and decipher - Carl Kleiner everybody!

Thursday, 24 November 2011


BURO RENG is a Creative Design team based in the Northern part of the Netherlands - I blogged about them in March this year (see the post here) as I found their work inspiring, provocative and most of all creative! They produce and develop the creative process for a large client list, and having been in contact with them recently they wanted me to feature their most latest work.

They are designers who like to work closely with their client, they start by talking, writing and thinking - a process that so many agencies fail to strike with their client. Their portfolio consists of visual communication/identities, campaigns and editorial design.

They have a simple design strategy - you can see their execution, creative concept and visual style - all beautifully explained filling the voids. A design team worth more than just the final piece!

To find out more visit their website here.

All images courtesy of BURO RENG.


The latest Creative Review Cover was designed by RUSSTLE - Russell Reid, a Liverpool based Graphic Designer (who I just happen to work with!!) Creative Review were featuring the Creative scene in Liverpool and asked him to design the cover. He is an independent designer who has a vast portfolio - he works for one of Liverpool's biggest club, CIRCUS, see flyers below!

An amazing opportunity, and what better way to celebrate such a diverse city that is rich in culture and art!

Images courtesy of RUSSTLE.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Victoria Beckham On Denim!

"To celebrate the launch of Victoria Beckham's spring/summer 2012 Denim collection, we will be launching a fashion film, previewed here, directed by Quentin Jones and styled by AnOther's fashion editor Agata Belcen on Wednesday November 30. The film, entitled Steps for 2, is inspired by the youthful energy of the Denim collection and the French New Wave and incorporates Quentin Jones' striking animations."

Great theme tune, stunning visuals and animation - seriously for Victoria Beckham?
Most definitely! It seems her radical celebration truly celebrates all that SS12 is...and more.
I like it, its different, intriguing, and different (did I say that already?) I want to watch it again, and again as I always miss something - a sign of something worth watching!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

What did you do on 12 // 11 // 11 ?

How did you celebrate 12th Nov 2011?
Did you celebrate Britain in a day?

Here is our thought - an abstract take on what it meant to us, at that moment,
that place!

"Britain is a culture of a non-static environment, it moves, it changes, it evolves. Through the different seasons we can see how colour and movement occur, and in this we wanted to portray an ever-changing atmosphere that so importantly inspires our day life on an autumn day."

September Industry

September Industry is an amazing online resource for the very best of contemporary graphic design. Not only is their site well navigated and full of rich content, but it is based on everything I love, typography, photography, visual projects - I am uber jealous of their design skill and spectacular eye for detail. They have a passion for great design, 'quality not quantity' - (something close to my own heart) and inspiration.

You must look at their website, (whether you've heard of them or not!), subscribe and be inspired. I love exploring new websites so if like this one you see something cool/great/different please do pass it on!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Christopher Ruprecht

Designer, Creative collaborator, Illustrator, Art Director and technically gifted - Christpher Ruprecht. A German based designer who has a vast portfolio of impressive creative pieces ranging from advertising, interactive projects and website/ipad designs. I find the pieces of work below exciting and visually interesting - so complex yet so so fluid and easy to view. Amazing. See his work here.

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