Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Magpie Studio

Magpie Studio - Amazing website, I love the typographic lettering's of the different M's as the main navigational image. It sets the tone for the type of work they produce, their ethos and mentality and the great work to feast your eyes on.

This style of website is becoming more and more familiar, and as I scour the Internet for new sites I am beginning to submerge myself in the different templates that people reuse & recycle. This site is so successful in my mind because of the stark contrasting mono colour and its impressive overwhelming image that dominates. I can't help but take my eyes of those M's!

The work! Yes, some great and equally impressive clients - the BAFTA's, Channel 4, Tate Britain and many more. They use visual communication as a tool to connect with the audience, deliver clear briefs and making the message memorable. And I am impressed - creative concepts, strong executions and persuasive language.

Definitely one to stop by and take a look! Even if it is just to look at those M's!!
Let me know what you think...

Images courtesy of Magpie Studios.

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