Sunday, 4 December 2011

EAST London Design Show

I was in 'Lanndan' this weekend and couldn't miss on seeing the East London Design Festival - lovely to do something full of art, culture and craft with some highly talented artists/designers. With the 2 for 1 entry it was remarkably worth the measly £5 - across the 3 floors the show included artists, typographers, makers, printers and many more ... a great way to celebrate such talent, and here are some of my favourites ...

Vic Lee -  on a mission to draw London in all its full glory. I LOVED the Tate Modern Poster - his extraordinary illustrations are so delicate but have a definite presence - making me want to buy one! (Or this would be a lovely present...) I love how much effort and appreciation he has put into discovering and portraying some of London's hotspots and some totally that are unearthed.

Zeena Shah - a printer, maker, collector, drawer of this things beautiful her home interior collections were stunning! I LOVED her printed cellotape and wrapping paper - I even thought of framing it as her illustrations were that eye catching. Inspirational!

James Brown - Illustrator and Print-Maker. I LOVED his British Isles Poster and detail in the illustration - his connection with the subject matter and choice of colour & typographic styles varies across all his work. Love it!

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Helen Butterworth said...

For more info please contact East London Design Show!

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