Sunday, 25 September 2011

Tube Map of the World

A design classic which features the lines of the traditional tube map positioned over a map of the world with corresponding stops!

Originally designed by Harry Beck in 1931, during his spare time while working as an engineering draftsman at the London Undergound Signal Office, it has since undergone several variations most notably changing from a geographical diagram to a linear one.

Beautifully iconic!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Painted Lady : Alex Box

Art and Beauty have crossed paths many times and this incredible photo shoot by Alex Box definitely tells us the journey through her favourite Art movements - including Cubism, Dadaism, Post-Modernism, Romanticism and Baroque.

The stunning detail, accuracy and different perspectives that portray each image confront your perception to search for the history, style and visible connection that we all recognise and can relate too.

Beautiful pieces of art in their own right.


Saturday, 17 September 2011

Cadbury: TWIRL Bites

I've just come back from holiday (yes I had a fabulous time!) but I have seen lots of juicy stuff since I've been back - firstly, the first advert from Cadbury's Twirl in 15 years!!

Brilliantly filmed - from the moment it came on last night I thought it must have to be the one and only Cadbury - who else ... the joy of whirling ... characters, scenarios and lots of twirling. Fireworks, momentum, weird Cave-Man's spiralling arm - joyous! It's fun - a persona that Cadbury's seems to capture beautifully in all their adverts and it is a great use of invigorating the Twirl brand personality.

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