Sunday, 30 October 2011

Beautiful Posters

Beautiful Poster Series by Jason Munn, a designer and illustrator of Oakland, CA.
He uses a simple and iconic graphical style that he applies to each poster - the complimentary colour theme running throughout really houses them as a series and independently. I love his style!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Jenny Odell ~ Satellite Collections

I will let you read the explanation from Jenny Odell to decipher her work, as I think my interpretation will obscure her main intentions. Please read it - hugely intriguing and conceptual! You will find more of her work here.

"...because human existence is conditioned existence, it would be impossible without things, and things would be a heap of unrelated articles, a non-world, if they were not the conditioners of human existence.
-Hannah Arendt

In all of my prints, I collect things that I've cut out from Google Satellite View-- parking lots, silos, landflls, waste ponds. The view from a satellite is not a human one, nor is it one we were ever really meant to see. But it is precisely from this inhuman point of view that we are able to read our own humanity, in all of its tiny, reliably repetitive marks upon the face of the earth. From this view, the lines that make up basketball courts and the scattered blue rectangles of swimming pools become like hieroglyphs that read: people were here.

At the same time, like any photograph, satellite imagery is also immediately an image of the past. That is, to look at satellite imagery is to look not only down upon ourselves but back in time, even if only by a matter of hours or days. In recording the moment at which things as bizarre as water parks and racetracks covered the earth, the photograph also implies that moment's own passing, encoding each tiny structure with vulnerability and pre-emptive nostagia. My desire to collect these pieces stems not only from the fascination of any collector but from a wish to save these low-resolution, sporadically-updated pixels--these strange pictures of ourselves--from time and the ephemerality of the internet."

Monday, 24 October 2011

e1000ink - 3D without glasses!!

With technology developing at a rapid pace, 3D will become a forgotten fascination, an overnight success that dominated our at-home cinemas. Isn't it 4D now? But put into the environment - it has a whole new context, not only does it explore diverse territory but it interrupts the norm. It makes us look twice in order to understand and work out it's positioning. Who doesn't appreciate it? And you don't need glasses!!

ATIPUS_Graphic Design

_Graphic Design Studio based in Barcelona - some really nice type and execution of the creative concept. I particularly like the colour palette they use, soft, mundane yet totally appropriate and appealing! See here more their blog, also worth a read ...

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Taking a closer Look .... "Into the Fray"

Creative agency Rosie Lee and photographer John Ross, have coincided to take a closer look at the sport Rugby, as it is the World Cup Final on Saturday.

"Into The Fray" is a self-initiated project "to visualise the power and strength of rugby players, and freeze-frame it"

For this exploration, they built a giant glass tank and packed in as many rugby boys as the space would allow, Ross then photographed the results. Emotional, intense and down-right dirty would be an understatement, but then Rugby is a powerful and brutal sport that involves more than just a rugby ball!!

Lets hope the best team wins.

VW - Think Small, Think Blue

VW = Think Small, Think Blue.
VW has and will continue to drive efficiency, their latest TV advert refers to the 1960's unforgettable slogan 'Think Small'.

Conceptual and engaging - a process VW have never forgotton or ceased to depict in their campaigns.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Wonderful Stuff - Muller

Watch. Love. Stir in something Wonderful......
Turn the mundane into something brilliant!!

The brand new £20million integrated campaign created by TBWA/London for Muller. There is a topical debate on the concept - do people get it, what is its main purpose, nostalgic or pointless ... Either way, it is trying to capture the beauty of the everyday life and how a bit of wonderful magic can make it better - Stir in something wonderful! Great use of traditional hand drawn cell techniques of the characters which tries to take us back to our childhood and post-production by The Mill.

360 Project

On Creative Review they blogged recently about the 360 Project - created by Canadian Filmmaker and photographer Ryan Enn Hughes. His process to create these videos uses 48 cameras arranged in a circle, triggered simultaneously to explore the crossover between still and moving image. I love the combination of how the two interact - you clearly see this and it is captured so well in the videos.

The camera rig was design by The Big Freeze, and music by Zelig Sound.

KRUMP 360 (The 360 Project)
from Ryan Enn Hughes on Vimeo.

And to see how it was made, just watch this video! Amazing.

The 360 Project - Behind the Scenes from Ryan Enn Hughes on Vimeo.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Rogue Studios - Artist Exhibition

I visited the opening Preview Night of the latest exhibition at Rogue Studios, celebrating artist over 3 floors in one of the largest creative communities. Artists included Anna Frew, Rob Bailey, Paul Cordwell and many many more. Some of the highlights below - the exhibition is open this weekend only, so don't miss it as it is well worth a visit! 

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Own A Colour

Your average computer, smartphone and tablet
can display 16.7 million colours?

Did you know that?
Well now you do - Dulux Paint are offering 16.7 million people the opportunity to purchase a colour for a small fee to help save a child's life.

"Adding colour to people's lives" is a beautiful and memorable way to change the way a child lives. Colour has such a powerful presence in our daily lives - we are bombarded with colour from the minute we open our eyes, it is simply everywhere. As the mobile is becoming larger and is expected to feature more so in our lives by 2015, it seems that this is not only a great cause but creatively it is challenging the media we use on a hourly basis.

You can support the cause here.


Whilst it may seem that England has had a very belated Indian Summer last week, I did however manage to catch some sun this year and explore Turkey. I hesitated on the decision to visit Turkey, as I have a slight passion for Greece (and it seemed like I was being a traitor) but I was totally surprised!

Once you forgot about the bustling streets and commercial aspect of their trade, you can see in full glory why it is such a lovely place. We stayed near to Alanya, on the Eastern Mediterranean Coast - a luscious green environment, a picturesque harbour and lots of exploring opportunities.

Whilst there is snow in the pipeline - I'd like to share the 40 Degree heat we had to endure...

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