Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Can art be found anywhere?

This summer has been a blast, gone far too quickly but thoroughly enjoyed.

Whilst at the Advertising Agency: Pravda I learned alot from what it is I want to be and do within the creative industry. Although I love the concept and ideas aspect of advertising I also love the 'hidden' things within our society which many of us may take for granted. Having been away for a large period of summer I have not only experienced their culture and history but the modernism of each city. Nowadays graffiti and other forms of banal objects pass through our daily lives, and I, yes I have discovered a new found love what normally lies beneath our feet.
Its what I like to call 'Man-hole' covers. I've never truely noticed them before but they came to my attention whilst travelling as I realised they had fantastic patterns and shapes that are formed in the metal. My eyes are now always searching for new finds...

I asked 'can art be found anywhere?' and I have to admit that I agree. The Boyle Family come to my inspiration as they are best known for their earth studies: three dimensional casts of the surface of the earth which record and document random sites with great accuracy. These works combine real material from the site (stones, dust, twigs etc) with paint and resins, preserving the form of the ground to make unique one-off pieces that suggest and offer new interpretations of the environment, combining a powerful conceptual framework with a strong and haunting physical and visual presence. Although their work is a replica, what I've come to appreciate is the total reality of the 'Man-hole covers' that litter our streets. I find them intriguing, creative and communicating to us on a level of patterns and repetition.

I hope to explore their existence and creativity, recording the style and pattern of each one.

Here are some I've spotted recently:

Greece: September 2009: Athens by day & the Greek man cooking.

Athens by day.

Whilst in Athens, the weather turned miserable and Pireas which was the first major port in the world looked dirty and overcrowded. The busy atmosphere and ridiculous amounts of cars make the city come alive, and its here that you see and hear the fruit selling men and the impatient car horning. I do love it though!

The train station is also a fantastic way to travel around central Athens with links to all the main site seeing attractions. I particulary loved the spacial light and architecture of the building, which allowed light and air to pass through.

The Greek man cooking.

Food is loved by all greeks, the reason why so many are +plus sizes but its healthy food that they eat but just alot of it! The oil is amazing and can turn normal chip pan chips into saturated but delicious juicy chips which taste sooo good. As we stayed with family we were able to sample great food and traditional meals that they eat, its always hard to say no and especially when their pork chops are bigger than your average plate.

My beloved 'agapimou' cooking for the notorious pork chops and chips. Delicious...yum yum.

Greece: September 2009: Athens

Greece is one of my favourite Countries that I've travelled to so far. The colours, history and landscape is one that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.
Over the past 4 years my partner and I have travelled The Cyclades, The Peloponnese, Thessaly, The Argo-Saronic, The Ionian Islands and The Sporades, visiting upto 20 different Islands. It helps that my partner is actually half greek so it makes communicating and travelling alot easier!

Last year, we island hopped for 2 months visiting Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos then travelled down to Paros & Anti-Paros, Naxos, Mykonos and finally Syros. It was a fantastic and amazing experience and an opportunity to be so lucky to do so much.
This year our holiday consisted of 12 days where we had to fit in visiting family then alittle break on our own. We decided to visit Poros, part of the Argo-Saronic which barely qualifies as an island as its 350m from the mainland and Nafplion, a lively, beautifully sited place with slightly faded elegance from the days when it was the fledgling capital of modern Greece.

We have explored central Athens over the past few years, so this year the new Archeological Museum that opened in June was the main attraction.
It is a stunning building, imposing in size but elegantly proportioned is without a doubt the masterpiece of Franco-Swiss architect Bernard Tschumi and his associate Michalis Fotiadis.
As you near the entrance, centuries of history is immersed in the excavations of a 4th century BC settlement, visable through the glass floor. This was an unexpected discovery when the museum's foundations were being laid, thus the whole museum had to be raised on concrete stilts.

I am Madonna.

Madonna is an idol of mine, so on the 7th July myself and a friend saw her perform for over 2 hours and she was well worth the money!

She was criticised on the night for arriving late, not allowing the air con on because she likes it hot (typical) and other petty comments I cant remember...But she was amazing. I give it to her, she's still got it. It was by far the best concert Ive been to.

Her graphics and stage show was as updo date as she is.

a FANTASTIC performance!!

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