Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Can art be found anywhere?

This summer has been a blast, gone far too quickly but thoroughly enjoyed.

Whilst at the Advertising Agency: Pravda I learned alot from what it is I want to be and do within the creative industry. Although I love the concept and ideas aspect of advertising I also love the 'hidden' things within our society which many of us may take for granted. Having been away for a large period of summer I have not only experienced their culture and history but the modernism of each city. Nowadays graffiti and other forms of banal objects pass through our daily lives, and I, yes I have discovered a new found love what normally lies beneath our feet.
Its what I like to call 'Man-hole' covers. I've never truely noticed them before but they came to my attention whilst travelling as I realised they had fantastic patterns and shapes that are formed in the metal. My eyes are now always searching for new finds...

I asked 'can art be found anywhere?' and I have to admit that I agree. The Boyle Family come to my inspiration as they are best known for their earth studies: three dimensional casts of the surface of the earth which record and document random sites with great accuracy. These works combine real material from the site (stones, dust, twigs etc) with paint and resins, preserving the form of the ground to make unique one-off pieces that suggest and offer new interpretations of the environment, combining a powerful conceptual framework with a strong and haunting physical and visual presence. Although their work is a replica, what I've come to appreciate is the total reality of the 'Man-hole covers' that litter our streets. I find them intriguing, creative and communicating to us on a level of patterns and repetition.

I hope to explore their existence and creativity, recording the style and pattern of each one.

Here are some I've spotted recently:

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