Thursday, 1 October 2009

GMP POLICE Student Safety Campaign

For many of you that do not know, myself, Isobel and Emma have been workin with GMP to redesign the student safety campaign. Since January we have worked outside of the uni course to develop our campaign, meet with the client: GMP and develop the designs for the launch date in September.

It has been a fantastic opportunity to have real life Industry experience, it has taught us how to prepare and present to a client and it has also taught us valuable lessons for the future.
The campaign and design was a combination of all 3 of our ideas and we each brought an element to it. We did have some difficulty with the Police near to the end but this was quickly resolved.

The launch date was 22nd spetember and we were featured on Channel M, in the MEN paper and other news channels.We have been working on the campaign for so long, its great to see it finally up and live in manchester.

The message is out there, its simple and we hope that students will notice it and take action.

Our posters up and about along Oxford Road, Manchester.

This is our stand at the Freshers Fayre at The University of Manchester.
We were also featured in th MEN paper, Here is the link:
As we are students at MMU they have also featured us on the home page for the university:
Around the Universities there will also be smaller posters and promotional post cards. The Bar Staff in all the student Union's and local bars will also be promoting the campaign.
We hope that you will continue to support us and the campaign to make it a success. Thanks.

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