Sunday, 25 October 2009

Liverpool City and Fact Gallery

Us ladies in Liverpool

Liverpool & Around

Whilst in the city we went for a walk round (really we were trying to find a gallery but then time ran out) and we came across the Cathedral, I didn't realise but a city is only allowed one cathedral but Liverpool has two, we stumbled across the modern one.

It is a funny looking building, mainly built in concrete it looked an eye sore when viewed from far away but up close it has certain qualities that are beautiful. The architecture formed many different lines and patterns when taking photos, but the scale of the building wasn't properly seen until inside the building.

It had beautiful array of colours from the many stained glass windows that allowed light to come in. It was shaped in a large circle with access to walk all the way round, there were many different rooms off the walkway that people could explore or get guidance.

There was also this scary looking plaque on the wall, very freaky but lovely to see as the light shone down on the evil looking goblin man thing!

Here is a picture of the Albert docks from inside.
The Tate is on the left.

FACT Gallery
Fact (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) Gallery is based in the
centre of the city, it is combo of a gallery, cinema bar and cafe.

The sound before you make it by Jaki Middleton and David Lawrey.
This is a sculptural flip book in which miniature zombies are brought to life through the flashing of a strobe light. The work use 19Th century zoetrope optical toy with Michael Jackson's Thriller music video. At first I didn't really understand that it is a circle of repetition which loops relentlessly, but it was sooo cool. These little men dancing in a continuous spin whilst the theme tuned played. It was a new way of taking media into art and the endless possibilities it can have.

This was a scary man painted onto another exhibition within the gallery. Unnoticed at first it was Stacie who spotted the lurking figure. The room was in blackness but the invigilator allowed us to take pics with flash, its here you see his real purpose!!

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