Thursday, 8 October 2009


MANHOLE COVERS from around the world.

Notice their decoration and geometric shapes.

Their identity cannot speak for itself, so the design has to visually speak for itself. This element is something which attracts me more and more, I feel drawn in by their existence.
Il ove the fact that they are in our society.
Ask yourself this:
'Have you ever really noticed them?'
'Why are they there?'
I need to research into urban industrial art and other factors of our environment that are generally unnoticed. This is a good starting point!

I recently saw one for McDonalds, it disturbed me and Id rather not think of big names are using them to Advertise on them. It would ruin it for me...

In my first tutorial with Liz, the group made me begin to understand what it is I want to do. I was told to research Helen Kellor and Andrew Paul Brooks, who had an exhibition earlier this year at Urbis on Underground photography around Manchester.

To be honest, at this point now I have know idea where this idea could take me. Whether this is a good thing or not, defiantly more research is needed on why they are there etc etc.

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