Sunday, 25 October 2009


As part of the project set over summer I had done alot of research about this film, so I did have some expectations but the more times you watch it suddenly you realise what sections you missed.
I have to say I did thoroughly enjoy this film, it took you back to a time that I am not aware of, it allowed us to be transformed and thrown in with the boys, in their world of dreary school life. The sights that they expected and the surreal visions of what life could be like. The film is associated with the 1960s counterculture movement, portraying an ultra conservative military type school run in the old English style where there was no room for individuality.

This is the end scene where the boys retaliate against the school on Founders Day.
Lasting around 10minutes it is a powerful ending that you have to empathize with the main characters to understand why are they doing it. I love the fact that the end music is the piano of classical church songs that probably would have tormented them their whole lives.

The main character Mick Travis played by Malcolm McDowell, couldn't have been a better choice. His mannerism played a superb role and I think the film wouldn't have been the same without him. His eyes, face and body language throughout the whole film made you connect with the character and you could grasp his sense of freedom that he so badly wanted.
There are many surreal moments within the film, not to mention the mix of black and white with colour. Supposedly there is no meaning for this other than they ran out of money. But look how well it suits the film.
The main moment of the film for me is the surreal naked, animal fight in the cafe between Travis and his girl. Totally unexpected and it flutters between worlds of real and fake reality. I loved it, the reason behind it I'm not totally aware but it seems to add to the non-discript element of the whole film!

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