Sunday, 25 October 2009

LECTURES: Johnny Hardstaff

Before Johnny came to give us a lecture I had already done a little research about him so kinda new what to expect, but didn't realise how blown away I would be about him...His work is truly amazing, such an inspiration to a new designer who wants to succeed and achieve life goals.
He was to show us his 'underwear', an insight into how he has worked, what influences him and where he's at now.

What I liked about him is that he looks at things that culturally interest him, his work is massively influenced by what happens in our culture for example, imperialism, antiquity, good and bad elements of the English.
"Graphic reforms and structures"
He has worked on some major brands including Sony, Orange and Johnnie Walker.

"The commercial work is exciting and the movement is to re-purpose it"

He has a love, hate relationship with huge corporations but loves to make commercials. My particular favourite (well all of his work is amazing) are the Sony High Definition adverts that like himself said "what a fantastic way to explore and play". He refers to graphic design as a sensation, something that you cannot articulate, it is a weapon that you cannot argue with.
His work has lots of references to other metaphors of daily life and I find his way of thinking might be quite abstract but he is hitting the spot. Take the Orange adverts of more is good, what is it intending to do? It says plenty, a literal summary of the overflowing that you cannot contain. He also said that Orange is about corporate manipulation, but what isn't?

After the lecture he came to talk to us third years in the studio about how we as designers have so much to offer, his main critical advice for me was that I should do what I want to do, be who I want to be. There's so much to offer at university that I need to use these resources now and do work that interests me. I have always felt a little miss-understood, not quite understanding what I want to do within this creative industry but he really made me see clearly what it is I should do. He is a major influence and I thank him for just being there. He is genuine and 'normal', someone who we all can connect with. I look forward to working with him in the future.

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