Thursday, 1 October 2009


I really love the Cube gallery, not only fo its incredible space and layout but the way it makes me feel. I love to browse the book shop, it is so peacefull and rarely busy that you can spend time to fully appreciate and look at the books.

The exhibition on at the moment 'City as Gymnasium' is part of Cube's 11th year celebrating cutting edge projects that explore the Urban Built Environment, fusing together architecture, contemporary art and design.

Curated by CUBE the project aims to showcase 'alternative' ways the city can be used as a gymnasium. 5 International artists explore this theme in a playful and performative way, they are: Tsui Kuang Yu, Lottie Child, Neville Gabie, Peter Liversidge and David Valentine.

I really found the images (above) by Neville Gabie the most fascinating and atmospheric. His works from 'Playing away UK' acts as a objective study of the cultural landscapes with a common obsession, football. They are found in unusual places and almost came to life when I was looking at them, it felt like there was more going on than on appearance.

David Valentine from Mediashed presents a film 'the duelists' featuring methods of movement in a free-running meets free-media film that took place in Manchester Arndale shopping centre. It used the in house CCTV network of 160 cameras with a sound track created from the environmental noises recorded during production. This is also a must see.

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