Thursday, 30 August 2012


It seems Carl Kleiner has us mouth watering again ... he is well known for his agonising ordered and graphic layouts from ingredients to colour making. I have loved his approach and style since I first laid eyes on him. And he impresses me once more. 

I am drawn in ... his work excites an inner part of me - maybe its because I also like to be ordered and visualise in blocks rather than an erratic manner. 

This series of Lollipop again, takes colour, shape, lines, and textures to another level - it is the anal detail that is provoking. The painstakingly approach is what I love!!

Please enjoy and explore more of his work here.

Images courtesy of Trendland.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

London LOVE

London ... it's the Olympics ... I am now officially living & working here and I am consumed by it all - { and I actually LOVE being apart of it!! } I haven't been that involved as much as one would have hoped but I hope to be this weekend ... as it's the last weekend and all!

I also LOVE how companies, agencies, partnerships have been created between boroughs and it's all about the team work - the spirit, the bringing together and supporting one another!

Here's to Team GB!

 Bread Collective - a London based Design agency have created a beautiful 100 metre typographic mural that lines one of the walls in Hackney on route to the Olympic Park. I saw this on It's Nice That - and I loved it - it is a great way to celebrate the historical Industry of the area with words and phrases put forward by the local community.

It shows a mass of love and emotion for an area that has been deprived, but with the support from the Olympics it shows just how much it has to offer. I also love the engaging aspects of the words - they have an empowering effect on area, the heritage and the gaps that fill the voids.

It took them seven months of preparation, long hours and hard work to produce the mural - but they deserve a big pat on the back as it looks incredible and I can't wait to see it!

Enjoy from the view on your screens ... The walls have ears!

Images courtesy of It's Nice That and Bread Collective.

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