Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Tacky or Spirited ?

For those of you that are not in high spirits in preparation for the Royal Wedding - I bring you some cheeky reminders of those who aren't! They say over 2 billion worldwide will be watching the wedding - which you might say is a huge global following and shows great community spirit, however some people are not amused! With huge debts and a steadily growing climate, you may wonder how so much money could be made from tacky, worthless memorabilia that will no doubt litter our streets into next year ahead of the Olympic Games!

And for those of you are relishing in the full-on Britishness spirit - these are for you!
Among tasteless china cups and kitsch artefact's, there are some highly amusing fridge-freezer covers, condoms and just in case Kate leaves Will for Harry - a mug to celebrate it! Genius...

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Oi Polloi ~ Pica Post

A really nice bi-annual fashion zine from Manchester Male fashion Store Oi Polloi - it features 26 pages of illustration by Ben Lamb. What is shows is a more humane approach to fashion magazine styling, and how the product denotes more than just a piece of fabric - it is meant to be worn, and worn well!

The look and feel is consistent and really works well with the overarching feel of what they set out to achieve - I can imagine this appeals well with their target audience, and more so people like me who would love to get my hand on a copy!!

Friday, 15 April 2011

It's Nice That & ASOS

This is very exciting news as It's Nice That collaborate with the fabulous fashion e-store ASOS to create limited edition T-Shirt Prints, including work by illustrators and designers.

Designers include some of the best young talent out there with Rob Matthews, Greg Eason, Sophie Kern, Owen Gatley and Rose Blake all making an appearance. Each buyer also get a lovely print to compliment their new purchase - don't miss out, buy them here!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Lyme Park

"On the edge of the Peak District, nestling within sweeping moorland, Lyme Park is a magnificent estate. Its wild remoteness and powerful beauty contrast with one of the most famous country-house images in England – the backdrop to where Darcy meets Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice. Discover a colourful family history – from rescuing the Black Prince, sailing into exile with the Duke of Windsor, to the writing of the hit series Upstairs Downstairs. Enjoy hearing visitors play the piano as you discover impressive tapestries, clocks and beautifully furnished rooms, or escape to the park and feel miles from anywhere. "

I recently visited Lyme Park and in all honestly it is one of the loveliest Parks I have been to in some time - the breathtaking views and surreal calmness was a pleasure to part of and it was easy to fall in love with the vast openness.

My pictures highlight the 'Cage' a place that women used to watch over their men while hunting, stunning views from the 'Lanton' and finally the 'Manor House' surrounded in its own gardens.

On the next sunny day - take a visit, eat ice-cream and bake in England's finest sun!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Interesting 'FINDS' of the week ...

Gotta love the humour of David Shrigley - always brings a smile to mind as his sometimes crass and dirty minded thoughts entertain us. Not for the faint hearted!!

As a passionate researcher and ideas-led Graphic Designer, I think that interesting 'finds' are an ideal source of inspiration (and no matter how many times I say this...) I am always surprised by what I come across on a daily basis. I seem to collect an immense amount of sources from the most unlikely places to the most reliable sources, so I will continue to share them with you.

Enjoy for now!


Examples of posters that combine typography and communication as the topic in conversation!

Posters included in a 2011 Calender - notice how the use of words and colours highlight what particular 'month' it is e.g. January (poster above).

Lovely use of hand drawn type and illustration - if done well (there is a lot out there at the moment!) it works in harmony together and visually appeals to the eye.

Beautiful Home Styling

These are stunning examples of still life photography - great use of layout, space and colour with Home objects. Photography is an essential part of Design if used correctly and can either 'make or break' a campaign.


Monday, 4 April 2011

Keetra Dean Dixon

Just some of Keetra Dean Dixon's cordial invitations, her work is graphical and beautiful - exploring typography in its most natural form. Engaging and provocative.

Great website too - find it here

Khristian Mendoza

Stunning visuals by Khristian Mendoza.
'Transparency' explores space in a memorable and defiant way. Beautiful!

Would love to see more of this - challenging the unexpected and the environment.
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