Thursday, 25 November 2010

Drifting where ...

Article Magazine have produced a very interesting read on topical debates - discussing graduate unemployment and "why you must move to London" and how to effectively drift through life.

The free magazine is well worth a mention - nice typographical layout and composition flows nicely throughout each story - and to say the least, it includes the fantastic reviews of OWT and The Mill Press.

So ... I am not much of a drifter, nor would I ever want to be - however, if you fancy a life less ordinary, take the back seat and enjoy a bit of Article's top tips, including get a call centre job, do a masters, move back home or go to gallery openings for of course the free booze!
Not only do 'Drifters' drift through life, they can also drift through places - Have you ever gone somewhere ... with no intended destination, no planned route to take, or followed someone off the bus? Obviously not - because who has time? But what if we did? Every now and again just allow ourselves to have no objective, and experience the world in another way. Well now you can, by escaping to the virtual world of Google earth - duck tape the windows, lock all doors and travel cities with the click of a button, experience life without making a single step!

The second important story, which will interest most - the shocking fact that only 4% of jobs were offered to graduates in the North West, compared with he 50% offered in London. The need to uproot and move down south hits home that there is no opportunities available at this time. Although London has never been at the forefront of my career goals - it seems that now we have no choice ... it has to be a consideration, it will be the only way. After all it's where 43% of all design jobs are ...

Article magazine

AD of the month.

This months 'AD of the month' goes to French Connection - The Woman, created and designed by London agency Fallon. It is to no surprise ...over the last few months I have seen it being critiqued and recognised on a global scale - as a piece of advertising that gets straight to the point.

I love the feeling of the story being only half told - the pondering thoughts that run through your mind, and the stunning angles of the varied shots of each ad. The language speaks to the audience, but the lack of interaction with the audience can also be noticed ... some say a recognised trait of work by Fallon or Saatchi London ... I say let go, and be consumed!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Magical Manchester ...

Dinosaur, Manchester's creative Design agency have launched the Christmas campaign in the city centre and it truly is just that - Magical ! The festive gift wrap celebrates the true spirit of Christmas and captures the minds of all ages.

At first sight I thought it had an added depth, 3D aspect to it - but at closer look it hasn't, but it doesn't need to. Lets hope its captures your attention.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Kerr Vernon - a Graphic Design Agency based in Glasgow delivers creatively-led, engaging and memorable design for print and the web. His most recent work is a promotional pack to promote the work for Glasgow Press and it is everything that print should be.
It uses Letterpress. It is hand-crafted. Looks so touchable.

And is most of all is so inspiring!!
To request one email Dan at before they all run out!
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