Sunday, 16 December 2012

Merry Crimbo #2012

With the festive season in full spirit, I am actively taking part ... already I have taken part in eating my weight in Quality Streets, mince pies and Foxes biscuits. God love them! So with this in mind - Team Digital at Debenhams HQ - had the chance to create our very own Winter Wonderland and what a pleasure it was. With a graphical & minimalist version of Christmas - after a lot of sweat and tears we produced the best ever display. And boy we were proud ... Happy Crimbo to all, with love ...


Clase BCN
- is a graphic design and visual communication studio based in Barcelona. Made up of a team of 10 multi-disciplinary designers, they have a large and popular clientele list. Working across fashion, editorial, communication and press - their work is both highly skilled and delightful!

Nothing is left spared - their attention to detail including typography, styling, composition and element of surprise is beautifully articulated and displayed. With no particular one-trick style, they take on each project with individual innovation - which allows their creative process to excel the norm and is specific for each design. A thoughtful element that completes the design process from start to finish of each project!

Images courtesy of Clase BCN.

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