Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Davide Bedoni, describes himself as this:

"I'm a fashion film director, art director, aspiring novelist,impersonator and Internet addict."

Honest and verbal in his creative mission - to create cinematic, narrative stories through the use of art, surrealism and the digital age.

His fashion communication language has formed him a creditable reputation across Milan to Paris. His project, 'Swooshart' - is what he does when bored, a slightly subjective form of reconstructive art. Taking an iconic symbol from a well known Sport brand is risky at times, but the juxtaposition of it in partnership with symbolic, religious painting is questionable in itself...
an uncanny metaphor maybe... I am undecided.

Swooshart is open for questions... all welcome.
All images courtesy of Davide Bedoni.

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