Wednesday, 12 September 2012

IF - I - HAD

Tumblr is a wonderful collection of a visual array of stunning imagery captured from all walks of life. From food documentation, scenery, animation to typography, illustration it is a source that will inspire.

The creator - a person liked to be known as 'Ishmael' - a who-don'-it suspicious character that refers to his ideology as bullshit! But laughs him off! Really he goes by the name of Adam Elliot - a 16 yr old asshole (his words not mine!!) that currently resides in Australia. He would love to be a photographer/writer and I can't quite do him justice - so read more about him here - I think you have to understand him in your own words....

On that note - this site of all things wonderful is worth viewing - even if you don't like design/architecture/photography (How could you not?? But ... ) your eyes are bound to be drawn by the shapes, colours, subject matters that feature - a visual delight!


Images courtesy of Ville Noir (IF I HAD)

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