Thursday, 17 May 2012

Borja Bonaque

Borja Bonaque is a Spanish Illustrator and Designer - specialising in creating visual atmospheres, his body of work is both elegant and refined - a detail sometimes overlooked.

His inspiration of pure lines and geometric shapes is evident in his work - but this creates a fresh and appealing look that defines his style and genre.

I love his 'Animal Agency' Business cards - such beautiful and skilled illustrations combined with complimentary type and colour scheme. It creates more than just a look and feel - it creates personality, a recognisable style for the agency.

He has worked for some big agencies and its a delight to recognise talent!
Check his website out here.

Images courtesy of Borja Bonague.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

She needs no introduction ~ i { heart } Maddie

True to my word - Maddie the CoonHound needs no introduction - her style, persona and lovable quality is a rare form of pure beauty. Her fame is a collection of images taken by her owner - photographer Theron Humphrey. As past of 'this wild idea'  - a goal to take photos passing them on to our next generations she is seen embracing her physical side!

I love the unpredictability of where she might conquer next - she fears no heights, positions or weather - fully enjoying her moment! Not only is it well captured imagery but Theron has the setting just right - acute angles, bespoke landmarks and peaceful tones - a setting so perfect for Maddie to fit right into!

She is my new favourite i { h e a r t } !!

Images courtesy of Theron Humphrey.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

A delicious read - the edible Cookbook!

Food / Typography / Publishing - 3 things you might just never have seen! (Let alone heard all in one sentence ...) But it seems it really can be done - A German publishing house - KOREFE - completed the project that is 100% edible and readable!

The 'edible lasagne cookbook' is a first of its kind - not only is it inventive & impressive but it expresses the nature of the agency turning it into something totally unexpected ... and most of all fun!

A delicious read for all food lovers, typography kings and book scramblers!
Yum ! Enjoy.

Images courtesy of KOREFE.

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