Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Tacky or Spirited ?

For those of you that are not in high spirits in preparation for the Royal Wedding - I bring you some cheeky reminders of those who aren't! They say over 2 billion worldwide will be watching the wedding - which you might say is a huge global following and shows great community spirit, however some people are not amused! With huge debts and a steadily growing climate, you may wonder how so much money could be made from tacky, worthless memorabilia that will no doubt litter our streets into next year ahead of the Olympic Games!

And for those of you are relishing in the full-on Britishness spirit - these are for you!
Among tasteless china cups and kitsch artefact's, there are some highly amusing fridge-freezer covers, condoms and just in case Kate leaves Will for Harry - a mug to celebrate it! Genius...

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