Sunday, 25 October 2009

PROJECT: Photo-shoot

Advice from Hitch has really been helpful, he has directed me into a direction that could possibly be as far away from my comfort zone as possible. But it is all good. This is what it is all about, I'm learning new skills and areas that I'm actually quite good at. I already love to research and get to grips with the concept of an idea but to actually make something with the research is another level for me.

The plan is to document different people speaking the 18 symbols that are visible in the English Language. From this I will be able to form a generic set of shapes that I can use to further this idea. The routes and possibilities for my idea are endless and I'm prepared that experimentation may take me in different directions than intended.

My goal at the minute is to photography four people to get an average.
Recording them saying the 18 symbols including:

Here is my photo shoot that I did over the weekend. I played around with the colours of my face as I wanted to take exact pictures rather than alter them on photoshop. The bold colours would also highlight the main shapes, as its the interior shape of the mouth I'm most interested in.

A sneaky picture of me preparing for the photo-shoot.

I painted my face white, with black lips.
The shapes are well defined.

Black face with red lips.

It felt like Halloween but I had fun, it was tricky to get the positioning but I did it!
The shapes are more defined which means that Ill have a more precise recording.

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