Sunday, 25 October 2009

FILMS: Rollerball.

As part of the KINO4 film night, Johnny Hardstaff picked this inspirational film, as the first film. I had never heard of this nor its background so I was open to anything and everything.

So, whats it about?
Made in 1975 it looks outdated in parts, its about visual communication. A sebversive film about manipulation in the corporate world, in terms of who we are and how we live. It highlights how media is used as a weapon and how violence is used as a distraction.

The game Rollerball, is ultra violent sport with more than gruesome, explicit scenes that I think I might have needed to be prepared for. The game, a metaphor for manipulation shows James Caan as the biggest star in the world, but he's also a thinking man, and when the corporation which owns his team wants him to retire, he refuses, wanting to know first why they'd want him to retire when he's playing at his best.

He plays an incredible part, proving to himself that he will not be beaten and as a character you really feel for him, even though he is crushed by every aspect of his life he will still win.

I thought the film was well directed, the art direction followed every angle and the design of the 1970's is obviously outdated now but it was great to see the interior of the houses.
It made me consider how media plays an important role in our society and are we really controlled by it? What should this say to us? Even the classical music is baded on manipulation, but manipulating the audience to tense and expect the unexpected. The beginning scenes are a clear example of this.
It is definately a must see film.

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