Thursday, 8 October 2009

New Project: SILENCE....what can it evoke, convey or rather allow?

This is the first project of the term, and a very impressive one. It is always exciting to get a new brief and when its actually a good one it is even better.

My initial ideas for the project took me to my own photography, as I new I had some photos that I thought were suitable for the brief. In terms of why they were chosen, when and the moment that they captured. Here they are:

Cistern Baths in Istanbul, a creepy but emotional sensitive place.

I chose diving photos, as a keen diver myself I know the limits of under water communication and how you have to be exact and aware of others. Its a silent form of communication of you cant really talk or hear other people speak but its all about the visual language that you use.

I also chose other images of the uncanny, a topic we learned last year in Altered States contextual studies, which fascinated me alot as I became more aware of my environment. I also picked some 'moments in time' images that were taken on holiday, you almost have to be there to see the moment but it is clearly captured in that second.

I also have 2 other ideas but I'm still uncertain of how they could develop but definitely more research and exploration is essential.

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