Sunday, 25 October 2009

A life consumed by....

Todays date is the 25th Oct, my life for the past 2weeks has been, like always jam packed with things that always take over my life. My resistence to say NO fails me every time and like always, I seem to take on too much...why you might wonder? Well I dont even really know myself but I love the feeling it gives me...stressfull, but worth it. Everything I do I love and would never give it it.
My stupid asthma chest is still no better and the nurse, a patronising 50year old said I was having panic attacks but with out the feeling of the breathlessness and panic!! What...they say docs and nurses try to palm us of with illnesses and this is true...I should not be getting pains whilst watching telly...bollocks woman!
I apologise to myself, I have been so absorbed in the silence project that I havent really updated this. Theres soooo much happened aswell...
  • Johnny Hardstaff
  • Libby Scarlett
  • Nicola Rowlands
  • Liverpool galleries
  • Film Night
  • Project Developments

etc etc so im updating it now!

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