Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Greece: September 2009: Athens by day & the Greek man cooking.

Athens by day.

Whilst in Athens, the weather turned miserable and Pireas which was the first major port in the world looked dirty and overcrowded. The busy atmosphere and ridiculous amounts of cars make the city come alive, and its here that you see and hear the fruit selling men and the impatient car horning. I do love it though!

The train station is also a fantastic way to travel around central Athens with links to all the main site seeing attractions. I particulary loved the spacial light and architecture of the building, which allowed light and air to pass through.

The Greek man cooking.

Food is loved by all greeks, the reason why so many are +plus sizes but its healthy food that they eat but just alot of it! The oil is amazing and can turn normal chip pan chips into saturated but delicious juicy chips which taste sooo good. As we stayed with family we were able to sample great food and traditional meals that they eat, its always hard to say no and especially when their pork chops are bigger than your average plate.

My beloved 'agapimou' cooking for the notorious pork chops and chips. Delicious...yum yum.

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