Saturday, 13 March 2010


Here are my proposed attempts for the NoiseLab 'Panic' Branding Brief that Alessandra and myself wrote. As I have been endlessly busy over the past week, I only had less than 24 hours to do the designs. I already had several ideas for the branding but struggled to visualise them, speaking to Sarah in the studio really helped and between us we came up with a much stronger concept. I then went off to design them and my response is above!!

As a 'theme' they would obviously need more work as they are not the finished article, but I am happy with the visual appearance. Doubting now whether they would actually work as a branding, I am glad I actually spent the time doing this and I hope to get some feedback as to how I can improve.

Well done to everyone that entered, the deadline was Thursday and we had a handful of various responses, each individual in its own right. The winner has been chosen and we will work closely with them to develop it for the exhibition.

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