Saturday, 20 March 2010


This week has been a stressful week for us all, and at a time when time is precious and my every waking minute is spent on work it is make or break time! The portfolio crits with either Ian Anderson or Johnny Hardstaff were an extra bonus that Hitch organised and personally I am grateful as at this crucial time any opinion is widely accepted.

I was overjoyed that my crit would be with Johnny, feeling quite positive about my portfolio I did a bit of jiggling to show the best work, thankfully I had one finished piece from this term to add so was very pleased. Johnny was to crit our work rather than how we presented, and as mine was the last in the day it meant he had more time to talk (I think me and Adam had over half an hour each!!). As he was going through my work his thoughts/opinion/criticisms were gladly accepted, he seemed very impressed with several campaigns/designs in my book and was enthusiastic to tell me why, or how I could take it further. I had mentioned to him several agencies that I would like to get work experience with and he said he'd definitely put my name forward. I feel that he really cares, he is a totally honest man, he wants us to go places and be the best possible creative person we can, and it shows! I will continue to keep up correspondence with him on my future projects as I value his opinion.

It was an end to a long but thrilling day, we even went for drinks afterwards which was nice as I talked to Johnny about his recent work and his future, which was an interesting insight.
I hope we will have more contact with him now and in the future as he is a great addition to the course.

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