Saturday, 20 March 2010


As the exhibition is looming, Alessandra and myself have an awful amount of organising and planning to do but at the moment it seems to be under control...?!

Good news though, Caitlin Clancy designs were chosen for the artwork for the exhibition, and over the past week we have been working with her to develop the designs. We can now confirm we have the final designs and they have been sent off to print on Monday, ready to go live next week. Her designs were chosen because a general vote concluded people liked them most and we decided they would work in the exhibition space and on promotional material. Alessandra and myself further developed and edited the copy and layout as it was quite difficult to work with.

At this point now, it has been a learning curve for everyone, more so for Alessandra and myself. I feel confident that it will be a great exhibition, and working with Alessandra has really opened my eyes as to how other peer designers can work collaboratively, and how well we work together. (the exhibition coordinator at Noiselab thought we were lovers as we referred to ourselves as partners!!)

So watch this space and check out our Panic blog = if you already haven't!

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