Saturday, 20 March 2010


This week has been truly exciting...we've had more lectures in one week than in the past three months!!

The first of them was with Leanne Dougan from the BBC, who works within the User Experience Design division. Since graduating in 2006, she joined the BBC as a junior designer, her main advice was to work really hard on your portfolio as that's what got her a job.

She now works for the User Experience Design division, with 120 people working within Journalism world service, TV platforms, Vision, Audio and Mobile Central and so forth. Leanne herself started within the Vision division and later moved to TV platforms.
The main things that the BBC look for are core skills that the individual can adapt to different areas, e.g.

-Usability and Accessibility
-Flash, After-effects, Final cut
-Excellent organisational skills and communication skills
-Team work
-User research
-Original thinking

As the BBC is moving up North to MediaCity in Salford Quays there will be potentially a lot of jobs and it is now that we should be applying for and getting work experience. She told us to keep our eyes open!

What I was interested in was the BBC Design Trainee scheme, obviously highly competitive it gives 5 individuals to work within 3/4 departments within the User Experience Design Division. Applications open late June, to start in September.

The BBC is global and sounds like an incredible and fascinating company to work for, myself and several other people were talking about it afterwards and I really think that I would apply for the design trainee scheme or even apply for work experience there, as it is going to be huge in the future. I was very impressed with what she showed us and hope that good things will be in store for the BBC and me!!

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