Thursday, 25 March 2010


Whilst preparing and planning for the exhibition, I have also been working on my own work! Having very little time, I feel like I have spent as much time as I can and as I already had an idea it has progressively developed over the two weeks.

My concept has stemmed from a thought that overwhelmed me recently. As I moved back home last year I have (for no reason at all) collected each train ticket that I have been on. Each ticket documents that particular journey, price, date and month. My collection has reached a total of 170 train tickets!

For me, moving back home was not an issue, more so saving myself a serious amount of cash. These daily journeys that I have had, have documented my final year, slowly creeping away before. Like an emotional boundary one is crossing, it is significant to realise that we will never be making these journeys again so one must enjoy it now.

When you think of time/dates they are the foundation of our daily structure and without them our world would become a chaos of madness and unpredictability = "Panic".
I wanted to use the tickets but change their natural state to become something else. I decided to remove the dates from the tickets, to emphasize the importance that without that structure that particular journey now has no meaning...the individual dates would be used to create a separate piece enhancing the confusion.

To cut out the dates from the tickets took about 2 hours but look like I hoped they would. Just to remove that piece of information has now recreated the meaning of the tickets.

My main piece will be based on using the cut out dates to create a sudden burst and underlying "Panic" of their existence. Below are some of my experiments that I have been exploring:

Experimenting with ways of how layout can affect the visual understanding of what I am trying to portray.

The close ups make the tickets huge..even when there not!
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