Monday, 22 March 2010


Fudge agency came in to talk to second years today and I tagged along to see some of their work.

Fudge agency is based in Bolton and is currently celebrating its 10Th birthday, they originally worked mainly in print but as the recent rise in digital technologies has grown they have adapted their services to suit client needs. The Creative Director, Gavin Bates who has been with the company for over 6 years came in to give us a talk based on the re branding of "England Squash and Racket ball". This particular brief was for a period of 10 day to 2 weeks where they developed a full pitch based on project scope and evaluation, research and analysis, design concepts and design applications.

They re designed and re branded the brief in a way that eliminated what had already been done before. As he was the main designer he devised 6 concepts that he would show to the client, (shown below in the images) my favourite had to be the typographical approach as it looked ultra modern and it gave the sport a new perspective.

The talk was good, but he didn't really explain what the company did in detail - I think being in third year I want to know this as it gives me more of an insight into the industry. However it was good to go too and I am glad I went. See their website for more of their work:

This is the chosen concept that the client went for.

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