Tuesday, 5 October 2010

AND - An exploration of the city Art galleries

Manchester this weekend was taken over by the AND festival - the city was buzzing with music, theatre, film and exhibitions and I am glad to have experienced it.

I visited the Manchester Art Gallery for the 'Recorders' exhibition - by electronic artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, a fantastic and interactive experience with the installations as they responded to your pulse, voice and prints. See below image - the lights pulsed to the rhythm of your heart beat to create a surreal discotheque atmosphere that systematically erupted. Very interesting!!

Then I visited Cube Gallery - 'Designed Disorder', which radically proposes absurd and practical solutions into how we behave, mass consume, self meditate and travel, making the design of human experiences an altogether uncomfortable experience.
I blogged several weeks ago about the 'The Toaster Project', Thomas Thwaites, and it was incredible to see the real life objects that were used to create the experiment - it really does make you question have we forgotten how to make everyday items or is this proposition absurd?

Next was the Corner House - 'Unspooling', artists and cinema featuring 19 artists gathering work from the last decade that use or abandon the usual convention of cinema, such as celluloid, digital video, motion and time.

The images above correspond with the Artists work from the exhibition:

-Elizabeth McAlpine - Hyena Stomp, 2006, C-print on plexiglass.
-Stefan Zeyen - Farewell, 2009
-Ming Wong - Life and death in Venice, 2010
-Sheena Macrae - Odyssey, 2009
-Michael Borremans - The German, 2004-2007

It is definitely a must see - it is on till January so no rush!!

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