Tuesday, 21 December 2010


A Lady indeed!!
This one of a kind exhibition at the Fotografiska Museum in Stockholm was a true delight!
Some background on the exhibition;

"It´s 1981. Andy Warhol is to be 53 years old later in the summer. He and his old friend Christopher Makos visits an elegant wig shop in the 57th Street. The two friends heads off to the photo studio with eight wigs. 48 intense hours and 349 images later the result – Lady Warhol – is completed.

”Andy and I were relaxed enough to let his grace and his awkwardness show. I see in these images openness and vulnerability and Andy’s need to express himself. These were parts of Andy that he rarely exposed in public, but I remember them well.” explains Makos.
Magnus Naddermier"

The superb essence captured within the images is so unique, and portrays Warhol in a completely different manner - a softer secret emerging. The stunning photography and art direction drives the images further and allows the mind to wonder.

See more info here.

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