Thursday, 1 March 2012

A+R Photographic Studio

A+R - Anita and Rosie - two friends who collaborated in 1994 to create an approachable agency representing dedicated individuals from graduate to established photographers. 

Their love of photography and passion to support talent has allowed them to create a house of photographers, stylists and image makers that are the most desired and up-to-date with current trends and high fashion! I in particular love Wendy Carrig, Dan Smith and Gustavo Papaleo.

Navigation of their site is also very different - a right hand nav bar allows the user to scroll and keep the feed of delightful images moving - slowing when the cursor moves away from the arrow. Very nice.

If in need of fashion reference be sure to take a look!
A+R photographic Studio.

All images courtesy of A+R.


xoxo said...

I just found your blog.. and it's really lovely!
I've just started a fashion blog. Maybe you're interested and you'll have a look?
I would be happy, if we would follow each other :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Helen ;)

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