Sunday, 11 March 2012

Welcome - Oneighty Creative

Oneighty Creative is a superb and impressive up North Design Agency that took me by surprise!!

I saw some of their work recently, 'unveiling the process' - a project driven by the need & want to show their clients the design process of creativity and brand creation. These over-head shots, by the infamous photographer Adrian Ray capture more then just the process, creativity and tools of how we produce work - it captures the beauty of what makes studio life so wholesome, inspiring and a feeling of being part of more than just a team. It's a way of life!

Their brief - “a visualised physical timeline of our brand process which creates a sort of mad hatter’s tea party feel” is all that and more - and these images are spectacular. (see below)

Oneighty also have an extensive portfolio - they seem to cross all boundaries and have a client list that includes the one-off logos to blue chip companies - it is definitely worth exploring!
See more of their work here.

All images courtesy of Oneighty Creative.

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