Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Guardian - 'the whole picture'

BBH has created and produced the latest campaign for The Guardian - showing is ground breaking open journalism and multi-platform credentials!

The campaign strapline 'the whole picture' - was first used in 1986 celebrating 'the points of view' Guardian ad. Now - in conjunction with the latest 'Three little pigs' TV advert - which promotes the new model of journalism, BBH have produced a fantastic piece of design executed successfully both in print and in the digital realm.

It celebrates : "The 2012 film recognises that the way people consume news in the digital age has changed dramatically and shows that the Guardian remains committed to producing outstanding journalism and giving our readers the whole picture - in whatever form they choose to receive it."

What I love is the print campaign - I love the visual approach - you totally get it - the use of graphical, minimalist shapes & colours enhances the story and primary focus. See the posters below - I've seen them up and around Manchester - literally taking over the city! Make sure you look out for them...

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